Conscious Graduation Gift Guide

Whether your loved one or friend is graduating high school or college, 2021’s graduating classes have something extra to celebrate. All our grads are heroes because they made it through some tough months, which calls for a do-guuder celebration! 

At guudguuds, we have unique gift ideas that tell your grad how proud you are. Why? Because our graduation gift ideas come from guud makers (vendors) that give back to their communities and support causes near and dear to our hearts. Your college grad is a dreamer and ready for conscious adulthood!

This one-of-a-kind conscious graduation day gift guide represents a graduation season full of hope, joy, and celebration.

Prosperity Candle

A Prosperity Candle is a gift that keeps on giving long after the candle wax disappears. These artistically inspired candles come in reusable containers that are made to hold all your guuds, when the candle is gone. For example, She Inspires Travel Tins, which come with stickers full of words of encouragement, makes superb containers for small items you don’t want to lose. This is the perfect gift for your empowered daughter who just graduated college!

Prosperity Candle is also a perfect example of a guud maker. They created a social enterprise that teaches artisan refugees the art of candle-making. These refugees are true heroes who just needed a chance to show others their caring and compassionate spirits.

Love Bottle

A Love Bottle is another inspirational gift idea. As your new high school graduate settles into their college dorm room, a Love Bottle will remind her how much you care, while allowing them to be environmentally conscious! Each Love Bottle is crafted with love from 40% recycled glass and is an expression of love for the environment. 

Giving a Love Bottle as a high school graduation gift means you thought about your stewardship with the planet. The Elegance With Love bottle makes an impactful statement, encouraging your grad and others around them to get rid of the plastic bottles for guud!

Barefoot Books

What better way to celebrate graduation than connecting with inspirational stories from around the world? Barefoot Books has been crafting and selling uplifting books for decades, but hese aren’t just any books. They use vegetable-based ink and sustainably sourced paper and each book represents a partnership between caring for the planet and empowering children to read.

Barefoot Books helps Guudguuds celebrates inclusivity and cultural diversity. The Children of the World Memory Game highlights children from all over the world. These books make the perfect gift for the single mom who is finally a new college grad or the 6th grader that graduated grade school.

Prodigal Pottery

Here we present the perfect graduation gift —coffee mugs. Whether your grad is venturing out into the “real world” or about to take on college, a guud coffee mug is a necessity! 

Prodigal Pottery’s coffee mugs are authentically crafted by hands rescued from domestic violence and sex trafficking. Those who run King’s Home Shelby long-term women’s shelter just outside of Birmingham, Alabama are impactful heroes. That shelter is also the home to Prodigal Pottery and allows the women and their children to stay as long as two years, paired with an opportunity to work at Prodigal Pottery. The Hope Coffee Mug is the perfect vessel for enjoying that first welcoming cup of the day. Hope is an inspirational word because it offers a universal promise of something better.

If your new college student drinks coffee or tea, the mug gift idea can’t be beaten. 


Cedar and Cyprus

Graduating from college is a momentous occasion celebrated with great joy and fanfare. When you mix gifts with a graduation party, the day becomes unforgettable. College graduation is an achievement that empowers people, just as Cedar and Cyprus does for it’s artisans making unique jewelry.

Cedar and Cyprus partners with Haitian artisans to create necklaces and earrings. The Angie Necklace – Gold Horn features a piece of ethically sourced black cow horn. These pieces all tell a story, one your recent college graduate will remember every time she puts it around her neck.  

Pen + Pillar

When is a graduation card extra special? When it comes from Pen + Pillar! They make transparency, partnership, and stewardship part of their business model. By taking a personal approach to how they do business, Pen + Pillar uplifts their local refugee community by donating 10% of profits to helping refugees in their community.

The Emerald Posy Congrats Card tells your recent grad how you feel about not only them but also the planet. Constructed of tree-free FSC Certified cotton paper, this unique card is a piece of art. And with a price lower than many of today’s greeting cards, you’ll still be able to match the card with a gift from one of our other guud makers. 

Curio Spice

Perhaps your recent grad loves to cook? Curio Spice is an exceptional curator of fine spices from around the world. These spice curators search the globe looking for sustainably farmed spices. By paying way above market prices, Curio Spice empowers and supports local farmers. These heroes “reverse the exploitive traditions inherent in commodity spice trading.”

Your recent grad and the inspiring chef will appreciate the 8 – Tin Chef’s Pack. Each of the 8 Curio spice tins comes with a special recipe. Arranged in a bookshelf-ready case, this gift rivals any gift basket on the market. What a great idea for a grad, moving into their own home for the first time!

Last But Never Least

Here at guudguuds, we know how special graduation day is to your friends and family. While our conscious graduation day gift guide inspires hope and empowerment, we thank you for your du guud efforts. We can’t do this without you!

These unique graduation gift ideas uplift more than your graduate. Guudguuds carefully chooses guud-makers that make differences in areas most needed, whether that be environmental, human, or our four-legged companions. We as humans have much to be thankful for – so find a cause you are passionate about and support it, while supporting those you love the most!

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