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The Story of guudguuds™

Do good. Feel good. Share good.

From the moment Bill and Karen connected in high school, they realized they had a shared passion for doing good in the world – something their parents instilled in them early on. Whether it was taking in exchange students and helping them realize a home away from home or volunteering their time, contribution became the cornerstone of the Bayles family. With the arrival of Maria, Chelsea, and Sebastian, Bill and Karen raised their children to have faith, a heart of service and hospitality.

guudguuds™ is a community-driven marketplace that spreads kindness with every purchase.

We are a community of imperfect people committed to creating a more perfect world.™


We provide a platform for social enterprise vendors to sell their products, significantly increasing their impact.


Our customers come for the convenience of our high-quality products, and stay for the feel-good vibes of our uplifting community.


Our innovative gamified marketplace makes giving exciting, highlighting the measurable impact of every single purchase.

Meet the Founding do-guuders

“As we look into the future leaders will be those to empower others.”





Susan Sly

Sales & Marketing


Legal & Compliance


Community Platform


Human Design


e-Commerce Platform

Our Team's Experience

  • Scaled Businesses to $60 Million, Raised Over $350M for Charities and over $1.7 Billion in Channel Sales
  • Raised Several Millions of Dollars in Start-Up Capital for Various Companies
  • 50+ Combined Years in Impact Sector as Industry Innovators
  • SCo-Founders and Senior Advisors to Several Successful Start-Ups
  • Featured in CNN, CNBC, FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Newsweek, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, and Marketwatch
  • Board Positions on Coplex Mentor Board, Digital Marketer Partner Board, and Keap by Infusionsoft Partner Board
  • Certification in AI and Machine Learning from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Gazelles Scaling Up
  • Purpose Driven, Grit, Resilience & Heart

Why not invest your assets in companies you really like? As
Mae West said, ‘ Too much of a good thing can be

– Warren Buffet

A guud Investment in the Future

For many, life can feel chaotic and overwhelming. But one of the greatest gifts 2020 gave us was a shared sense of what matters most. guudguuds™ is an opportunity for investors to support a multitude of social and environmental impact companies through the digital construction of a community, the creation of a positive and safe social media space, and a marketplace for everyday impact makers. Through our innovative approach to commerce, investors can do good without sacrificing on financial returns.

A Few guud Words

“If you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.”

– Steve Jobs

For years, the Bayles’ have demonstrated uncommon tenacity, entrepreneurial grit and courage in pursuit of the mission.

Michael M.
Founder, TMG Capital, Michigan

When others talk concept, the Bayles take action; when others look for a way, the Bayles find a way.

Greg H.
Founder, 72SOLD, Arizona

guudguuds is a progressive approach to eCommerce utilizing a feel good story supported by a win/win energizing every purchase.

Diana D.
Board of Directors, Retired, Ontario

Character is often measured by how quickly one rises after falling; but the real test is how quickly one reaches for another when they have fallen. The Bayles’ exemplify this as they courageously fought with relentless tenacity to overcome challenges so they can be there to pull others up

Dave M.
Chairman, The Board International, Arizona

It’s about time! Social conscious buying meets Etsy. The wait is over. I’m excited for guudguuds™ to launch their e-commerce platform and bring their passion to life by offering their community socially conscious products that have impact.

Peter M.
Entrepreneur, Visionary Leadership, Ontario

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