About Us

We make doing good an easy, everyday part of life.

We are a community of imperfect people committed to creating a more perfect world.

guudguuds is a community-driven maketplace that spreads kindness with every purchase

Guudguuds founding family

guudguuds is a community-driven maketplace that spreads kindness with every purchase

Our Story

our story mobile image guudguuds About Guudguuds - feel good, do good and spread good

Go ahead and call us “do-guuders.” Like so many other people, we found ourselves juggling the desire to be conscious consumers and still practice charitable giving with all the grace of a newborn giraffe wearing roller skates. We knew there had to be an easier way to do good in the world, and we were pretty confident we weren’t alone.

Guudguuds is the culmination of our own yearning for a more fulfilling lifestyle, the idea that giving back can be a regular practice and the need for fellowship amongst like minded humans. Thankfully, our suspicions that other so-called “do-guuders” would resonate with an online marketplace of goods that give back, turned out to be more accurate than we could have ever dreamed. Each day we are reminded that doing good is not a singular act, but an on-going way of living. With the help of our community of conscious consumers, sustainable vendors and charitable causes, we keep the good going.

The Donkey Story

guud guuds donkey splash image

The Donkey Story

You might be wondering, “of all the adorable mascots in the animal kingdom, why pick a donkey?"

Well, there are a few reasons why the Guud Donkey is the most perfectly cast mascot around. Since ancient times, donkeys have served as loyal, tender-hearted companions to their human friends. As spectacularly giving creatures, they’ve been known for their unique ability to bond with people as if they were part of their own herd. Oh yes, donkeys are stubborn. But we would argue that their stubbornness is born from the courage of their convictions. Donkeys will stand for their community and remain unmoved by any circumstances that dissuade them from achieving their mission. As our own herd of giving, compassionate humans with a stubborn commitment to our cause, we couldn’t ask for a more fitting representation than the Guud Donkey.

Vision & Mission

Share the Good
Share the good, feel the good - Guudguuds

We take the guesswork out of conscious living by curating our own marketplace featuring products that embody greatness while doing good.

Better Together
Share the good, feel the good - Guudguuds

One person doing good may cause a ripple, but a community doing good can make waves.

Good Clean Fun
Share the good, feel the good - Guudguuds

Doing good isn’t a chore. It’s a way of life and, dare we say, a whole lot of fun! We embrace being lighthearted in a world that feels heavy and strive to make doing good the most delightful part of your day.

Goodness Grows
Share the good, feel the good - Guudguuds

Let’s be honest, the world needs a whole lot of good. As we grow, we find new ways to spread good where it’s needed the most. Whether it’s eradicating hunger, uplifting marginalized groups or sheltering our furry friends, we’ll be ever expanding the reach of our goodness.

Vision & Mission

Doing good for your family is what Guudguuds is all about

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