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guudguuds™ is a community-driven marketplace that spreads kindness with every purchase.

We are a community of imperfect people committed to creating a more perfect world.™


As a member, you're joining a vibrant community of incredible people dedicated to living conscious lives. Here, we're about meaningful relationships and like to believe this space curates some of the best humans on earth.


Often the hardest part of doing good is knowing where to start. Which is why we curated some truly amazing organizations doing outstanding, life-changing work that spread kindness with every purchase.


Life gets hectic, but your online shopping shouldn’t be. We've pulled together hundreds of everyday products and put them in one, convenient place - all connected to incredible causes, so you can make an impact with every purchase.


Together we can make a massive difference. As a member of the guudguuds™ community you are helping to eradicate hunger, empower women, curve climate change, love on pets in shelters, and more.

Every purchase makes an impact

Do good. Feel good. Share good.

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Family owned company, Pen+Pillar, donates 10% of all purchases to help local refugees get settled into their new lives. They are committed to partnering with ethical businesses, sourcing environmentally friendly paper, and employing local refugee artisans to help create their goods.

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Life is an adventure and we want to share the ups and the downs of each journey you go on. Whether you're posting a beautiful sunset, sharing your travel bucket-list, or showing the amazing work that was done when your family volunteered - this group is for you. All those with adventurous spirits, join us in empowering each other to make every day into an adventure.
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Whether the focus is on getting more active, improving our emotional well-being, embodying that work-life balance or taking a more holistic approach to health and wellness, the best tools and tricks are right within reach with the benefit of our support network.
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Ordinary People, Extraordinary Impacts

The guud journey

Every journey starts with taking one small step. Find out how our community is lighting the way and making doing good a part of everyday life.

Dear 2020,
your lessons were oh so good...

Life can feel chaotic and overwhelming, especially these days, but one thing the pandemic gave all of us was this shared sense of what matters most. Perspective is potentially one of the greatest gifts from 2020. Among this shared sense is an increased awareness of values; less emphasis on the hustle and bustle of everyday life, more focus on a shared sense of responsibility to ourselves and to others. We are all taking a little more notice of the everyday heroes – those willing to be in the front lines and to make a difference in the world…

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Dear 2020,
your lessons were oh so good...

…You are one who wants to change the world but it’s easy to feel like there is too much to be changed and don’t always know where to start. Guudguuds provides one answer to that shared sense of responsibility and values.

Here the shopping you have to do becomes the shopping you’re excited to do. Every purchase makes an impact.
Our vendor partners – and the goods you buy – are contributing to dozens of amazing causes like the empowerment of women, the eradication of poverty, support for refugees and a zero waste world.

We know creating great change doesn’t happen alone. It takes a village. Which is why we also created a community platform that connects all you do-guuders with one another to share ideas, ask questions, celebrate your mountain top moments and support one another in those valley bottom lows. It is a place where a neighborhood first, store second platform exists. Guudguuds make it just a little easier to be a hero.

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