Plant accessories are a great addition to your home garden or planters. These accessories can help give a more personalized look, add fun flair to your plants, and serve many different functions. Although plant accessories are easy to pick up at local hardware stores and nurseries, many of the plant accessories available do not use ethical sources. 

Fortunately, there are ethical house plant accessories that you can buy.  We understand it can be hard to the right plant accessories or to pick out ethical gifts for your favorite plant lover, which is why we picked the best 6 for you!  All these garden accessories give back in some way, check each product description for their specific give-back.

Here is our list of 6 unique ethical house plant accessories that we think you should have in your home.

1. Terra Mango Planter with Stand – Matr Boomie

terra planter with stand

It’s yet another eco-friendly product from Matr Boomie. The brand is one of the amazing businesses working for a sustainable environment for generations to come. Buying the Terra Mango Planter with Stand will have a direct impact on the artisans that make these beautiful pieces. The planter has a unique hand-carved design that definitely makes it stand out from others.

This ethically made planter is made of terracotta and is detailed with a white rub finish that adds more value to its beauty. You will be helping the artisan communities by buying these amazing Terra mango planters as 15% of the annual earnings from Matr Boomie go to development projects for communities.  The terracotta planter has a hole at the bottom for easy drainage. 

2. Dignity Plant Hanger – Freeleaf

dignity plant hanger

A true symbol of dignity, strength, and independence, the Dignity Plant Hanger is the ideal plant accessory choice for everyone. Skilled women create these hand-knotted plant hangers with cotton ropes. These plant hangers are unique and boho with a fringe tassel. By purchasing, you will help Freeleaf in the fight against the discrimination and exploitation of women.

The planter hanger includes a metal ring for hanging and will help you add beauty to any space. Make sure to support this cause and show the world that women deserve dignity and are (k)not for sale. 

3. Henna Treasure Watering Can – Matr Boomie

henna treasure watering can

If you are looking for a colorful planter accessory with a fun and boho design, Matr Boomie has you covered. The Henna Treasure Watering Can comes in a unique small size. You can use it to water your plants or display it as a decor piece in your home. The henna pattern is beautifully hand-painted with bright colors and a floral design. The watering can is made with upcycled iron, and part of your purchase will be reinvested into artisan communities through development projects.

4. Unbound Planter – Freeleaf

unbound planter

Freeleaf believes in supporting women and providing them opportunities to grow and make their lives better. They provide employment and holistic care to at-risk, abused, and exploited women. This amazing unbound planter is the creation of empowered women overcoming abuse and exploitation. The handmade planters are the ideal pick for anyone who wants to add something unique to their house.

The Unbound Planter is ideal for small-sized plants, and you can also use it as a basket for small items, anything from cosmetics to small accessories will fit well in these handy baskets. Feel free to add them indoors and outdoors because they will fit perfectly almost anywhere. It has a natural look that will add beauty to any space.

5. “Grow” Garden Message Marker – MudLOVE

message marker

These ceramic handmade message markers add a beautiful touch to your plant. The Grow Garden Message Markers are USA-made products that make the perfect thoughtful gift for your loved ones, especially if they love gardening. Adding a “Grow” message marker to your garden will surely bring positivity. Gifting one of these markers will help you give a healthy reminder to those you care about to stay hopeful.

MudLOVE brings innovative and creative products made with love. They fight against cycles of poverty and hardship. They have partnered with Water for Good, and all their products have a direct impact. You will be buying someone a week of free clean water with every Garden Message Marker purchase.

6. “Flourish” Garden Message Marker – MudLOVE

message marker

Another great choice from MudLOVE is their Flourish Garden Message Marker, the perfect garden accessory for your home. The Message Marker is the ideal gift for a plant parent and is a cute garden décor or accessory for your home. This specific marker shares the message and reminder to  “Flourish”, to live a life that makes you come alive. 

 Each purchase you make brings a change and helps you play a part in improving the quality of life for people stuck in hardship. Each item you buy will provide a week of clean water to someone in need. 

Bottom Line

As we move forward toward creating a better world together, remember that your little changes matter! Making a change toward ethical purchasing is a big win for our planet and a big win for people all around the globe. We hope you will enjoy these ethical plant accessories that also give you an opportunity to do some good! 

With Love, 

The GG Team 💖

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