Let’s say “good-bye” to those high-waste and harmful chemical products and “hello” to ones that make the Earth happy! It can be hard to know how to start living more sustainability, and we think that your kitchen is a great place to start, since many kitchen products produce a lot of waste and harmful chemicals. We recommend changing out products little by little, experimenting, and finding out what works best for you. Working toward a sustainable kitchen and home is a process! 

Here’s a list of some fun, unique eco-friendly products for your kitchen made by amazing small businesses that are contributing to save the planet, help underprivileged groups, and minimize carbon footprint.

1. Full Circle Home – Bamboo Be Good Dish Brush

be good dish brush

The Be Good Brush is the ideal choice for anyone who is looking for sustainable and safe cleaning solutions. The brush has all-natural bristles and it’s a durable product made from sustainable material. The handle is made from fully recycled plastic and bamboo with a non-toxic coating.

The dish brush has a perfect design for full function and efficient cleaning. It comes with durable bristles that help with thorough dish cleaning. The built-in scraper makes removing dirt and dried food easy. Cleaning the Be Good Dish Brush is quite easy as well. You just need to soak it in warm water and let it dry.


2. Made By Bees – Handmade Beeswax Wraps – Lemon

wax wrapsBeeswax wraps are a perfect sustainable replacement for plastic wrap. These handmade, plastic-free wraps can easily be shaped around a piece of food by the heat of your hand. These wraps are washable and reusable, making them a long-term wrapping solution. Wrap your food in style while also knowing that your purchase supports saving bees, the planet, and your food.

3. Meliora Cleaning Products – All Purpose Kitchen and Home Cleaner

Meliora cleaning sprayHome cleaning and laundry essentials are important. However, finding the right purpose cleaner is difficult. Meliora Cleaning Products ends all your troubles with its All Purpose Kitchen and Home Cleaner all-in-one solution.

You get a pre-filled glass spray bottle with a tablet (refillable) that you can use to clean your house and do your part to create a planet-friendly home. Wondering how? 1% of Meliora’s proceeds go to saving the planet.

It is easy to use; just fill the bottle with warm water and shake well as the tablet mixes faster that way. This 16 fl oz bottle consists of vegetable soap, which makes it one of the best eco-friendly products for the kitchen and a cruelty-free cleaning solution.


4. Bambu – Reusable Bamboo Drinking Straws – Set of 6

Plastic straws may seem insignificant, but play a major role in polluting our oceans. Bambu aims to reduce plastic use and provide sustainable alternatives for everyday items, and they have created an award-winning reusable straw. 

Switching to these reusable straws is the first step towards a safer ecosystem for turtles and other marine life. You can get your hands on this set of 6 reusable straws, made without glues or lacquers while also getting a plant-based cleaning brush! https://guudguuds.com/product/reusable-bamboo-straws-set-of-6/ 


5. Bambu – Mini Artisan Cheese Board

artisan board

Bambu hails from the Pacific Northwest and has the best eco-friendly solutions for you. Their products are non-toxic and made from natural materials. This organic solution is ideal for you if you want to limit your plastic use.

The handmade Mini Artisan Cheese Board is the ideal pick to cut your vegetables, assortments, and cheese. Its small size makes it ideal for easy storage and use. You also get a naturally smooth finish with this cheese board.

It is a USDA Certified Biobased Product with a natural, food-safe oil finishing. The cheese board is reversible, meaning you can cut veggies on one side of the board and then serve on the other. 


6. Full Circle Home – Renew Recycled Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

microfiber cloths

These plastic Microfiber Cleaning Cloths from Full Circle Home divert around 3.5 plastic bottles from the landfills. You can use this all-purpose product for cleaning surfaces, dusting and more. The cleaning cloth comes in a pack of three and has pre-added loops that make hanging these cleaning cloths easy. 


7. Full Circle Home – The Ring Fruit & Vegetable Brush

vegetable ring brush

Manufacturing processes in Full Circle Home preserve resources and promote a healthy and vibrant atmosphere. It doesn’t matter what you grow because this Ring Fruit and Vegetable Brush will make all your produce squeaky clean instantly.

You can use the scrubber to clean off your fruits and vegetables alike. All these brushes are eco-friendly and naturally made so you can make the world a better place for future generations. 


8. Meliora Cleaning Products – Kitchen Dish Soap for Handwashing

dish soapYou can ditch the plastic and waste when you switch to Meliora’s Kitchen Dish Soap.

Meliora’s Solution is a fully natural and environmentally friendly solution for washing your dishes. You can view all the ingredients on the label because Meliora believes in transparency. It does not have any synthetic fragrances, as lemon essential oil has its natural scent.



As you can see, there are plenty of eco-friendly products for the kitchen. Switching to sustainable products is an ideal way to start making changes for a better lifestyle. As you make your product switches, know that you are investing in the generations to come. 

You can check out guudguuds for more home and kitchen products that let you give back!




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