Traveling is not only a hobby; for some people, it’s a passion and a  lifestyle. Some people love traveling to meet their friends, some travel for work, while others simply love exploring the world. As you travel,  carrying the right travel items is sure to make your travel experience much more enjoyable.  However, some travel items are made to be single-use or may have harmful effects on the environment.  For this reason, buying ethically sourced and sustainable travel essentials can make a big impact. As we all travel this summer, small changes can make a big difference. If you’re not sure where to start, make one small change (and don’t forget to celebrate it)!  

Let’s take a look at the top 9 essential eco-friendly travel items. 🌎 ✈️🧭

 1. Clearly Love Water Bottle- Love Bottle

Love bottle in clear

Staying hydrated during a travel trip is important, but often on the go, we often resort to single-use plastic water bottles. The Clearly Love Water Bottle is a reusable glass bottle that helps you reduce plastic waste with each sip. It consists of 40% recycled glass and a ceramic top that ensures you stay green. It is leak-proof and dishwasher safe – making it the perfect product for long-term use. The bottle is scratch-proof and lead-free, making it a safe drinking option too.  Each bottle is made in the USA with reusable glass. Every bottle sold by Love Bottle helps provide clean water to those in need by supporting the Charity Water organization!

2. Hypoallergenic Laundry Detergent Sheets Pack – Kind Laundry

Kind laundry pack

Kind Laundry focuses on protecting the earth with its products each day. The Hypoallergenic Laundry Detergent is an environmentally safe, biodegradable solution that ensures you get the right cleaning option everywhere. You can fit the pack into your bags for travel and overnight travel as it does not have any liquid content.

These Detergent Sheets work in standard and high-efficiency washing machines perfectly, and each pack contains six biodegradable, cruelty, and allergen-free sheets. The detergent consists of Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate, which comes directly from plants, with 100% eco-friendly packing. All you need to do is throw a single premeasured sheet in the laundry or throw in multiple for a cleaning boost. Your small gesture to go plastic-free will have a long-term impact on the environment. 

 3. Net Multi-Purpose Bag Set in Burnt Orange –Net Effect Traders

Burnt orange bag set from Net Effects Traders

If you are looking for bags and totes made by skilled craftsmen using recycled material, Net Effect Traders bags are the best pick for you. These bags have the right versatility to help store everything from your makeup to grooming essentials. 

All of Net Effects’ bags are made from recycled fish bags which make them damage-resistant and durable. In addition, your purchase from Net Effects Traders supports Cambodian artisans with training and fair wages with the goal of ending generational poverty. 

4. Eco Bento Lunchbox – Bambu

eco lunchbox from Bambu

Bambu produces the best eco-friendly products to reduce plastic usage and care for the environment. You can keep all your food safe and squish-free in this amazing Eco Bento Lunch Box. Each lunch box easily keeps an entrée and two sides. The Eco Bento lunch boxes have food-grade stainless steel that is safe and toxic-free. By buying these lunch boxes you can reduce reliance on synthetic products, and that is a travel win! 

5.  On The Go Activity Bag for Kids – Open the Joy

girl holding on the go bag

Traveling with children and keeping them engaged on a trip is difficult, but not if you have the Go Activity Bag Kit for Kids. Open the Joy is a brand that understands the importance of keeping children equipped with interesting activities. The On The Go Activity Bag for kids is the perfect option to reduce your kids’ screen time while ensuring they still have fun. Your child can enjoy these activities with someone or by themselves. For each purchase, the company donates a toy to hospitalized children in the US.

6. Upcycled Reusable Cotton Snack Bag in Yellow – Market Bags

Market Bags' snack bags in yellow

Market Bags’ snack bags are a great way to pack road trip snacks without using plastic that will end up in a landfill. These upcycled reusable bags keep your food dry and safe and are wash safe. They will keep you from creating waste and each snack bag from Market Bags has a direct impact. 1% of their earnings go to Mamas for Mamas Sustainable Nourishment Program, ensuring all families have access to nourishing food. 


7. Green Turtle Co. – Rose Gold Double Walled Infuser Bottle

Infuser bottle being used at the beach

The Gold Double Walled Infuser Bottle is the perfect pick if you want a plastic-free and sustainable option water bottle option. It comes with a detachable infuser making it versatile. Made of stainless steel and food-grade metal, it is BPA and lead-free. You can add water, fruits, and vegetables, into the infuser, ideal for detox waters. Each water bottle purchase makes an impact, as Green Turtle Co. commits to making donations toward the Sea Turtle Conservancy to help sea turtles survive.

8. Collapsible Travel Bowl in Mocha – Pet Play

dog drinking from travel bowl

The Collapsible Travel Bowl is the perfect travel partner for you. It has non-toxic and AZO-free dyes, with water resistance and seepage prevention. You can easily wash this travel bowl in the washing machine and pitch it in the dryer for quick drying. All their products consist of recycled material and are responsibly made. 

9. Terra Tote Bag Plus in Turquoise – Net Effects Traders

woman carrying terra tote bag

This bag is the perfect travel tote – it’s exactly what you need for errands, yoga class, baby gear, grocery shopping, beach trips, and so much more. These bags are very durable,  water and stain proof with a reinforced bottom making them ideal options for long-term use. Net Effects Traders helps provide training, jobs, and good working conditions to disenfranchised Cambodians. All their bags and totes consist of recycled material, perfect for a green alternative.


As you go about your summer travels, we hope that these products come in handy along the way! Check out more products that are sustainable and ethical at guudguuds.

With Love,

The GG Team  💕

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