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ECO Bento lunchbox – Stainless 3-in-1


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Our goal is to reduce our use and reliance on plastic by providing people with beautiful, non-toxic products made from nature.

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The Three in One is a best-selling three-piece nesting lunch box set. This bento container for adults helps to keep all your food separate and safe from squishing, while keeping space for an entrée and two sides. Use the Three in One together or pull out each container and use separately!
Crafted from food-grade stainless steel
Non-toxic and free from all estrogen mimicking chemicals (bisphenol-A, phthalates, and bisphenol-S)
Container is not leak-proof since no plastic gaskets are used.

Made in: India
Dimensions: 4″ wide x 5.5″ long x 2.75″ high; 31 oz total capacity
Care Instructions: Dishwasher safe. Do not use in microwave.



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Our roots are in the Pacific Northwest where we gained an early appreciation and respect for the natural environment. This strong connection to nature inspired us to leave our professional careers, and create a business with the single-minded purpose of turning people onto renewable materials and away from plastic. Central to our core purpose is creating thoughtfully designed products that rely less on resource-intensive, petroleum-based resources, and more on plentiful, low-impact, plant-based materials.

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