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Love Bottle

Elegance Love Water Bottle


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  • Certified B Corp

    Certified B Corp

  • Eco-Friendly


  • Made in USA

    Made in USA

  • Sustainable Business

    Sustainable Business

Vendor Impact

With every bottle sold, we help get clean water to people who need it by supporting Charity Water.

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Have you ever seen a more elegant water bottle? With a beautifully etched nature design wrapped up within a delicate heart and a raised heart on chest and ceramic swing lid, this reusable and BPA free glass water bottle is sure to grab everyone’s attention.

Every bottle sold, helps provide clean water to those in need by supporting the Charity Water organization.

  • 100% plastic and BPA free
  • Made with 40% recycled glass
  • Leak proof Lid
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Scratch resistant lead-free inks

Size: 500 ml/19.9 oz
Made in: USA

Love Bottle

Love Bottle was born from a desire to improve health on an emotional and physical level. When we create a mindful water ritual that is based on Love, each sip can change the way we feel, bring us into the present moment, connect us to the love in ourselves and all around us. Our bottles are not only rooted in love, they were designed with love from top to bottom. Made 100% in the USA, they are plastic free and made with 40% recycled glass. The beautiful designs are lead and heavy metal free. All of our bottles have a raised glass heart on the chest of the bottle to remind you to wear your heart out and share it with the world.

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