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Become a guudguuds™ Vendor and join our tight-knit community
of do-guuders dedicated to living an impactful life

At guudguuds, first and foremost you’re joining a community imperfect people committed to creating a more perfect world. As a member of guudguuds you are joining a vibrant community of incredible people dedicated to living conscious lives. Here, we’re about meaningful relationships and like to believe this space curates some of the best humans on earth.

Why guudguuds marketplace?

Curated Vendors

We conduct an extensive vetting process to ensure guudguuds Vendors are the best of the best. We’re known for our intentionally curated marketplace full of high quality, beautiful products made by amazing vendors who give back.

Greater Reach

guudguuds™ customers have brand loyalty towards products with an impact. By partnering with guudguuds you’ll gain access to a community of buyers who seek out products with a cause, leading to greater brand awareness, more sales, and an expansion of your impact.

Community Centered

As a guudguuds™ Vendor you’ll join an amazing tight-knit community of people dedicated to living impactful lives. Not only will you sell more products, you’ll also gain brand ambassadors committed to advancing your cause.

Perks of Becoming a Vendor

We’d love to have you join our growing list of highly curated vendors!
  • Your brand’s impact is featured throughout guudguuds™
  • Your brand story is featured on each product page
  • guudguuds™ rewards your customers for the impact they make with each purchase
  • Connect directly with like-minded community members and venbdors on our embedded social media platform
  • Access production, viral media, and storytelling resources to amplify your brand and impact

What our do-guuders are saying...

As a new mom in today’s world, a place that I can go to for advice and product suggestions would be like having my own virtual village. The fact that others within the community would be doing what they can to create good in the world is truly amazing and I believe everyone, parent or not, need that.

Olivia S.
Community Member, Ontario

We are excited to learn along with y’all and hopefully we can be a blessing to each other through this process.

Vendor, North Carolina

See the guud grow
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This is for you
  • You’re an impact centred product based business. You’re familiar with wholesale fulfillment and selling online.
  • You enjoy collaborating with like-minded business owners who are also in an impact driven space.
  • You love the idea of having access to a team of graphic designers, SEO experts, videographers, copywriters, administrative staff and business strategists who are also impact focussed and ready to help your business with tools, tips and tricks to help you succeed.
  • You love the idea of interacting real time with your customers through emojis, comments and other social media tools, all coded into the one eCommerce platform.
  • You want to see impact based retail change the way we globally do online shopping.
  • You get frustrated when the story behind your impact gets lost in the noisy online space.
  • You’re tired of competing with dropshipping stores in big marketplaces, where you’re judged on price, not impact!
This is not for you
  • You stock only perishable items or items that are unable to be shipped.
  • Your business doesn’t have an impact and you don’t plan on getting involved in the impact space.
  • You don’t enjoy connecting with your customers.
  • You outsource your products or they’re made by a third party (you’re a dropshipper).
  • You’d prefer to go it alone with all the extras required in building a successful online business (design, SEO, video, copywriting, accounting, administration etc).

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes guudguuds™ different from other marketplaces for vendors?

We’re so glad you asked! guudguuds™ is a unique, community-first marketplace built on the foundation of doing good with our purchase power. guudguuds customers actively seek out vendors and products that have a mission, and are rewarded through our gamified platform for their active involvement in the good done through purchasing your products. As a guudguuds vendor, your brand’s impact matters deeply and will be featured throughout the website and on every product page. You’ll also gain access to production, viral media, and storytelling resources to amplify your work.

What are the costs associated with both the Wholesale Partnership and the Community Partnership?

Happy to hear you’re interested! Our pricing structure is tailored to the needs of our vendors, so we’d love to connect with you to learn more about your company and how guudguuds can best expand your impact. Please fill out our vendor application form and someone from our team will contact you with more information.

What are the main requirements to become a guudguuds™ vendor?

You mean besides being AWESOME?! Great question! If you haven’t picked up on it already, guuduguuds™ is committed to curating a marketplace full of high-quality products that give back. Meaning, every vendor we partner with has an existing sales structure that commits a percentage of their profits to a cause or charity. Aside from that we simply enjoy collaborating with really lovely people and companies who are kind, thoughtful, and who are aligned with our mission to create a safe, judgment-free community.


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