At guudguuds, we embrace a call to unite our community with kindness and courage. Each ‘guud maker’ or vendor makes doing guud a high priority. With the arrival of summer, we want our du-guuders to celebrate the warm weather with summer-conscious gifts. This list of inspiring gifts captures the essence of a hero, the essence of life, and moments to remember.  We hope you enjoy our summer-conscious gift guide! 

Sitti Soap

What better summertime experience is there than a refreshing day at the beach? What about splashing in the waves as the saltwater bubbles around you. That unique feeling of soft sand between your toes. Embracing the warm sun rays as they cascade over your shoulders.

When the day is done, and you feel rewarded by such joyful play, why not celebrate the heroes that make Sitti Soap? As you rinse off the salt and sand, embrace your inner hero, knowing the soap you use came from hands of caring and belonging.

Sitti is Arabic for “Grandmother,” the kind and generous steward of home amongst chaos and disorder. Sitti Soap is a state of mind, one of love, wisdom, and purpose. There is no greater hero and authentic keeper of hope and freedom than Sitti.

Each Sitti Soap product comes from a place of joy and kindness. For a unique gift idea, consider the Saffron Olive Oil Soap Bar. Be captivated by the magical allure of Saffron and the Palestinian culture. What a great gift!

Made by Bees

Remember what it was like seeing your first honeybee sitting on a flower? It was likely a spring day, nature-filled and bustling activity. Honeybees are glorious stewards of nature and the promise of renewal. These buzzing pollinators are some of the littlest heroes on earth. Flowers come back year after year because of these pollinating heroes.

The products from Made by Bees capture the authenticity of stewardship between nature’s plants and insects. They produce sustainable gift ideas that replace plastic. Pricilla, the founder, has a saying, “each bee is small, but together, they do big things.” This is the perfect description for the du-guud community.

Made by Bees takes beeswax and transforms it into food wraps. Yes, that’s right. They replace those plastic sandwich bags. And guess what? They are reusable! Using these food wraps puts you in partnership with those busy little pollinators. Together, we save the planet from humans. Together, we make a powerful impact!

Made by Bees also makes birthday candles. Picture your child’s birthday party. Imagine the delight in your child’s eyes as you explain where the birthday candles came from? Then take her outside to look for a bee. See the joy in her eyes as she connects the birthday candles to the bee. This would be her first glimpse of a bee sitting on a flower. What a unique and fun gift!

Pet Play

Our pets bring joy and friendship into our hearts. As decerning pet parents, you want only the best for your best friends. Pet Play does guud things for the planet, heroic things.

Remember when, as a kid, your dog went everywhere with you? Pet Play is a guud-maker of pet toys and accessories that encourages playful tugs-of-war in the grass. Their work with pet shelter volunteers makes Pet Play a true hero. Woof! Woof! Thank you!

Their plush doggie toys are exceptional. They come stuffed with eco-friendly, certified-safe stuffing made from recycled plastic bottles. Because of this, 10 million plastic bottles did not make it into landfills. Kindness for the planet is the guudguud way.

When your pet needs a drink, take out the Scout & About Travel Bowl. With this handy travel bowl, you and your pet can go anywhere the journey takes you. Feel the joy of pet parenthood to its fullest. That’s the freedom we think makes an impact on a pet parent’s well-being.

The Riviera Towel Company

Nothing captures summer quite like a day at the neighborhood swimming pool. Towels spread out as families anticipate the cool water. Who can forget kids laughing and splashing in the water as the lifeguard shouts, “walk please” to those kids running pool’s edge?

The Riviera Towel Company (RTC) captures summer essence with authentic Turkish towels. Each towel is hand-crafted with love. Produced in small batches, the artisans creating these handmade gifts support local economies. This is an impact that goes beyond the lives of local Turkish artisans.

RTC connects local Turkish artisans with stewardship for the oceans. When do-guuders buy towels from RTC, they make a substantial impact on saving endangered marine. For example, purchasing the Amalfi Turkish Beach Towel makes an environmental statement.

RTC donates 5% of profits to marine organizations working to “heal and protect our oceans.” Supporting the partnership between marine nonprofits and Turkish towel weavers makes the Riviera Towel Company a hero on an epic scale. Give the gift of sustainability!

Kind Lips

Lip balm is a summertime fun must-have. From that day out on a boat to that hike you’ve been waiting to take, your lips need sun protection. If you’re kind to your lips, your lips will be kind to others. Tell someone they’re beautiful. Smile the grumpiness out of that grouchy man waiting for a bus.

Nothing says beautiful in its simplicity, quite like a tube of Kind Lips Lip Balm. Healthy lips bring joy to your day. Kiss your partner with Georgia Peach lips. Or wow your senses with Sweet Mint Lip Balm.

Kind words bring joy to people and just might make an unexpected impact on a stranger’s mood. Kind Lips donates 20% of sales profits to organizations that help end bullying. This is nothing short of inspirational. Become a hero for a bullied kid. Make an impact. Share the impact with your loved ones.

Closing Thoughts

Here at guudguuds, we hope you’ve enjoyed our trip down summertime memory lane. Hopefully, you’ve smiled more than once by now and have been thinking about who you want to share the perfect gift with. Our guud-makers (vendors) care deeply about bringing joy to people’s lives while promoting sustainable practices and supporting causes near and dear to your heart.

But of course, we would be nothing without you, the champion do-guuders who bring happiness and positive energy to thousands of lives. Together you and the guud-makers are making a difference at a personal level. 


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