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We are all learning and growing, and we realize that Using Eco-Friendly Products is a Good Idea. In fact, at guudguuds, we think using eco-friendly products is a very guud idea.

We know the environment is in trouble.  We know rare and wonderful animals are on the verge of extinction, and habitats are shrinking.  And we want to do our part to help reverse this trend.  We can’t all abandon our families and homes to move across the globe to become eco-warriors.  So what can we do?

First thing – simply realize and believe that if all of us do a little, that will add up to a lot.  At gg, we believe in the Tanzanian proverb, Little by little, and a little becomes a lot.”  And our job at gg is to making sure doing a “little” guud easy for you.

With our curated host of purpose-driven vendors, you can shop with conscious consumer confidence, knowing that every purchase makes a difference.

Here are some of our favorite reasons  “why”!

Sustainable Living

Simply put, investing in eco-friendly products is safer for wildlife, animals, and people. If you have kids, grandkids, or love the neighbors’ kids, you want them to have access to the beauty and wonder of our world.  When you choose eco-friendly products that are reclaimed, biodegradable, organic, raw, or just sustainably made, or cosmetics made without harmful chemicals or animal testing, you contribute to a brighter, more sustainable future.

Building a Conscious Closet

Most of us have heard the term “fast fashion.” We have seen the images of landfills overflowing, women working in crowded unhealthy factory conditions. We know that cheap and easy to throw away clothing has a cost much greater than the price tag. At the same time, more and more small design and production teams are creating trendy, ethical clothing that uses recycled material, supports sustainable cotton farming, or creates innovative eco-friendly fabrics to satisfy our fashion needs.

Building a Conscious Cupboard

It is easy to upgrade your kitchen cupboards. Many of us already know that budget water bottles or food containers often contain harmful chemicals or add to the piles of single-use plastics floating in our oceans.  Overall, eco-friendly products carry fewer carcinogens, toxins, and other harmful chemicals than alternatives on the market. Choosing eco-friendly and healthier products and packaging makes sense for the well-being of our families and the planet.

Supporting Innovation

Today’s eco-friendly products are becoming more and more innovative and readily available.  Don’t believe us? Check out this list of 30 Best Eco-Friendly Products That Can Help You Swap Out Single-Use Plastics for Good for inspiration.

Saves Money Long-Term

And if you are thinking about your wallet, many eco-friendly products tend to last much longer as they are built more durable. Something as simple as a reusable straw is known to last years while simultaneously helping combat the world’s massive plastic problem.

Start the Ball Rolling

When big companies start to see more and more people invest in eco-friendly products, it will inspire them to follow suit. Companies look to invest in practices that are profitable, jumping on trends as they see them. If an eco-friendly company is doing something really different, like designing electric or hybrid cars or making fabric from bamboo and gaining momentum, other companies will look to them for inspiration.

Be a Better Role Model

Our children learn by imitating the adults around them. Teaching them to ‘shop green’ from an early age starts with you providing a role model. At the same time, as they learn more about the environment and pollution, they develop a desire to protect the natural world and their favorite animals. They, in turn, will keep you inspired.

Less Reliance on Non-Renewable Energy

We know that many of the world’s resources are considered non-renewable, and many of them, like oil and coal, add to our carbon emissions.   Supporting businesses and industries committed to reducing their carbon emissions and pollution and using renewable resources like solar and wind just makes sense.

Support Fair Wage and Better Working Conditions

Another critical reason “why” is the fact that eco-friendly brands do not only put creating sustainable products first, but they put the employees that make them first, too. They understand that supporting a healthy work environment and fair wages is guud business.

Feels Guud to Do Guud

And one essential and very personal “why” for using eco-friendly products is kindness and a heartfelt desire to do and share guud. Guudguuds was created as a community-driven marketplace to support companies that positively impact the world and introduce you to products you can feel guud about.

If you’re in the ‘shopping’ mood after reading this article, we invite you to browse through all of the ‘guudies’ on our marketplace.

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