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Many of us are becoming more and more conscious of what we purchase; how it’s made, who made it and who we purchase it from.  We want to find ways to make our everyday life more sustainable and ethical.

We realize sustainable practices not only benefit our own lives but also the lives of people around us and the earth. Each day presents numerous opportunities for incorporating ethical practices into our daily routine.

The question is, how often do we take advantage of those opportunities? How often do we make conscious choices, with the goal of making each moment meaningful? Many people live under the impression that living a more sustainable life means becoming an extreme enthusiast. That’s not the case! Living a sustainable life simply means becoming a more conscious consumer. 

Sustainable living means seeking more opportunity to buy fair-trade goods, goods made from recycled material, and products that have a positive impact. It means practicing things that support a more eco-friendly lifestyle while nurturing the earth and contributing to a positive future. 

How do you do this? All it takes is making small yet purposeful switches. Let’s look at simple ways in which you can fill your days with good choices and practices.

Make Every Purchase with Environmental Consciousness

For sustainable living, make conscious purchasing a permanent rule of your life. Before you buy any product, question its environmental benefits and the supply chain. Is it possible to buy clothing madeThink about sustainability in every shopping decision, such as bringing reusable bags from organic cotton? Spices from sustainable small farmers? Toys made from toxin free materials? Artisan designed home goods crafted by ethical brands? 

And keep in mind, ethical products are affordable. More often than not, they are made with great care and quality, meaning they will last longer.

For example, when you shop for a car, looking for fuel-efficient models will save you thousands of dollars in the long term and reduce carbon footprints. Similarly, buying disposable wooden products instead of plastic will be a better choice. The simple point is to actively seek a healthier and cleaner life.

Surround Yourself with More Nature 

Do guuder soaking in the sun and surrounded by naturePlants have numerous healthy advantages and they are helpful tools for adopting a sustainable lifestyle. By adding lots of plants around your home, you will help purify and clean the air indoors. 

Plants also help to liven everything up! They add a fresh and vibrant spark of green and also infuse positive energy throughout. They help elevate not just the aesthetic appeal of your home but also the health and wellbeing of all household members.

Walk More 

Walking has a positive impact on our health and is one of the easiest switches you can make in life. OfA do guuder choosing to walk to practice sustainable choices course, walking is not always an option, but when it is, many of us still prefer hopping into our cars than giving our bodies some activity. 

You could try walking more and driving less, as you are able. Especially during the warmer months, walking to the grocery store or your office if it’s nearby have many benefits.  Exercise is good for your health and walking saves on gas consumption and expenses. 

If walking isn’t possible for you, consider using public transportation more for your commutes. Healthier changes like these may seem trivial, but they have unparalleled positive effects on our life and our planet.

Try Composting 

Food wastage has become quite a widespread problem. According to some stats, every person wastes approximately an average of one pound of food daily. Imagine all the precious natural resources that go Vegetable scraps being tossed in a garden for compostingto waste every day due to this. 

As part of your new sustainable lifestyle, you can make food saving a permanent practice. Try to buy only as much as you need for a week or a month. Refrain from indulging in unnecessary food purchases. In case you do end up with extra food, try to make a compost pile and put all your old food scraps into it. 

You could add food scraps like herbs, vegetables, and fruits. Composts from these make a denser soil and are splendid for gardening purposes. If the effort seems strenuous to you, only remind yourself of the magnificent vegetable garden you will own due to this one day. You will find the effort totally worthwhile!

Eat More Vegetables

Meat production is one of the most destructive factors for the environment currently. It is also amongA basket full of fresh vegetables, a sustainable food choice the largest industries responsible for the massive carbon emission, water use, habitat destruction, and more. 

As a sustainable lifestyle enthusiast, you get three opportunities in a day to do your part in eliminating this problem. Swap meats (especially red meats) for more greens, colorful veggies, and other healthier food sources. 

The less meat you consume, the less environmental footprint you will create.

Water Consciousness 

One last easy change you can make is switching from bottled water to tap water. The truth is that many of us let water companies cloud our judgment. Hence, we easily believe them when they say tap water is A faucet showing tap water as a sustainable water sourcebad for our health. 

The truth is that the water pouring out of your faucet is almost free. Even better is that most city water undergoes rigorous testing to prove its quality, safety, and taste for consumption. But because we let the big water brands fool us, we turn unconsciously to bottled waters to quench our thirst. 

For your sustainable lifestyle, adopt water preservation and water-consciousness as a daily goal. Remind yourself each time you’re thirsty and grabbing for plastic water bottles that they’re notoriously harmful. Not only do your own life, household, and community suffer from bottled water but also the wildlife. 

Final Thoughts 

The daily choices you make affect your life and the environment in significant ways. It only takes a few simple switches to transform our lives to a more sustainable and clean way of living. Once you start making conscious and environmentally beneficial decisions, you’ll start creating a positive impact on you, your community, our wildlife, and the world. 



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