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It is so exciting and gratifying to have real shoppers, community members, and fans leave messages.  We are thrilled to hear the guud, the fabulous, and the not-so-guud. The entire gg team is grateful to everyone who takes advantage of our ethical shopping opportunities and then takes a moment to contribute a review, a testimonial, or offer design suggestions or improvements.

One of the gg values is transparency, so we have launched a new blog section called Do-guuder Stories to share interviews with our conscious shoppers.

In this section, you will find intriguing interviews and fun stories from our valued customers, as well as reasons why they choose and recommend guudguuds as one of their favorite places to shop consciously.  Of course, we want to share all the guud things people have to say, but we also promise to share the not-so-good things that shoppers recommend we improve, change or eliminate.

Our first interview features Alex; Alex is a Do-guuder.  Full reveal – Alex is a customer and a friend, someone who has been instrumental in helping to launch the guudguuds website and community, so she may already be a little biased in our favor.

Alex shopping for ethical products on guudguuds.

 Alex appreciates how our curated ethical products provide conscious consumers with choices they can trust.   She loves knowing that when she shops on gg, she is helping support disenfranchised people throughout the world. Alex loves to travel and spends time each day reaching out to friends and family, and it gives her joy to send gifts that give back.   Please hear what this valued customer and friend has to say.

 “How did you find out about guudguud’s impact marketplace?”

I have been friends with the founders for over 15+ years! A few years ago, they shared the idea with me to bring together impact businesses in one platform to create a shoppable community of people who care about how they spend their dollars and value businesses that give back. Earlier this year, they approached me to see if I would be a part of the beta launch for guudguuds, and I was so impressed I immediately signed up to be an ambassador for the community! 

“What is it about an impact-driven marketplace that is the most exciting to you?”

I know how much thought, creativity, labor, and love goes into running a small business. Generally speaking, I find most impact businesses are small businesses (or at least started as one), and often in small businesses, profit margins are slim. Knowing these businesses care so much about the causes they have chosen to align with that they are willing to reduce those margins even further warms my heart and reminds me that there are good people in the world. That’s the world I want a membership to.

 “What are some of the causes that are most important to you personally?”

Hands Producing Hope & Made by Bees really speak to me! I’m big on choosing sustainable products and believe that, coming from the privileged upbringing I’ve been blessed to have, it is my responsibility to create opportunities with my purchases that help alleviate the effects of poverty in the world.

“How was your shopping experience with guudguuds?”

My shopping experience was great! I love the way the products are sorted and categorized and also the fun gamification “points system” they’ve built into the platform!

“What are some other ways that you incorporate doing guud into your everyday life?” 

I spend a lot of time checking in on my friends. I’ve travelled quite a lot in my life and have a wide circle spread out over many different regions & continents. I find that we often place the onus on others to reach out to us. I actively make reaching out to friends and family with open-ended questions a weekly, if not daily, priority.

Helping the well-being of others and supporting causes you are passionate about is as simple as buying gifts that give back on the guudguuds site. 

We invite you to browse our website, explore the incredible collection of ethical products, and get acquainted with our Community and Vendors pages.  See for yourself how conscious shopping benefits others and how you can join in on the guud!  

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