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“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.”  Brad Henry

Over the last eighteen months or more, teachers have gone above and beyond to make sure our children were getting the best education possible in these challenging times.  Back to school is the perfect time to say “thank you” and acknowledge all they have done.

If you’re in search of some ethical back-to-school teacher gift ideas, you’re in the right place. Gifts are a meaningful way to convey one’s feelings, even if it is as simple as a chocolate bar along with a card. While it’s common to go the extra mile when giving gifts to friends and family, it’s important that students do the same for their teachers. Teachers play an important role in defining who children want to be when they grow up.

There’s no harm in showing them a bit of appreciation by gifting them something they like or something to make them feel special. There has been no better time to show teachers some appreciation than now, considering that they have to teach remotely due to the current pandemic. Not sure what to get your teacher? How about asking them what they like? That’s one way to hit the mark and get something they’ll love. But if you’re looking to surprise them, try going over some great teacher gift ideas for inspiration.

Here are 10 awesome ethical back-to-school teacher gift ideas to make your gift selection process much easier.

#1  A Customized Notebook

The Orchid Handmade Notebook makes the perfect ethical back to school teacher gift

Teachers usually treasure notebooks as there is so much they need to remember and catch up with that they have to write it down. In this case, the perfect back-to-school gift to give your teacher would be a nice customized notebook. This is a good way to encourage them to start off the school year with a fresh page and full of hope.

To help them get started with using their gift, give them a few ideas. For instance, encourage them to use it for their own personal thoughts and not just a to-do list. This notebook could pave a way to escape to their own thoughts and desires. Guudguuds has some of these best-customized notebooks you can give to your teacher, such as the Orchid handmade notebook, dreams and schemes writing journal, this mesmerizing Samantha embroidered layflat writing journal, and lots more.

#2  Spa Gift Set

The At-Home Spa Gift Set is made with a focus on sustainability and philanthropy

Teachers usually don’t have the time to book frequent spa days. After all, they’re quite busy dealing with school work and putting in extra work to help students. In that case, gifting a spa gift set from guudguuds is a great way to tell your teacher they need to relax too. This at-home spa set comes with some remarkable items such as a jade roller, facial serum, avocado and algae face mask and lots more. Even unwrapping the gift will be a therapeutic experience as the set comes in serene white packaging, wrapped in crinkle cut paper. This is quite the deserving gift a teacher can receive and would be a nice way to welcome them back to school.

#3  Coffee Mug

Handcrafted hope and joy mugs that equip and empower women

Ah, the classic coffee mug. Coffee is a teacher’s best friend, so it comes as no surprise that students can put their creativity on a mug to give a meaningful gift. Teachers need daily caffeine intake to help them stay on their feet. These handcrafted coffee mugs from guudguuds are truly beautiful and make a fantastic teacher’s ethical back-to-school gift. These mugs have a nice handmade pendant on them, with the words ‘hope’ and ‘joy.’ Reminders of such beautiful affirmations every morning is a refreshing way for a teacher to start their day.

#4  A Greeting Card

You've Always Been Essential Greeting Card is perfect for any teacher

If no one else, your teacher is sure to understand students’ feelings through a heartfelt message. You will come across a few unique greeting cards at guudguuds. These cards simply showcase how much you value a person, and that is something a teacher should always be reminded of. You can grab some of the best colorful greeting cards from guudguuds. As academics and educators, they understand how powerful words can be. So why not show off your literary prowess through a heartwarming greeting card.

#5  Scented Candles

The Love Honeysuckle candle will make any room smell great

You can never go wrong with scented candles as a gift set, especially for a teacher. Scented candles are one of the most calming gifts one can receive because they add a therapeutic aroma to your home. You can find some of the best-scented candles at guudguuds. From the LOVE candle-Honeysuckle scent, and Lavender scent Breathe candles to the Burmese candle set, you’ll find a variety of scents. The candles come in unique glass packaging, and all the proceeds go to good causes.

#6  Printed Water Bottles

The Peace Love Glass Water Bottle is a calming and practical gift for teachers.

This Peace Love Glass bottle from guudguuds is ideal for a teacher to carry to work every day and to remember someone special gave it to them. This bottle’s construction comprises safe materials and is of the best quality. The symbols of love and peace create a very rare calming feel, as it is the perfect gift for a teacher.

#7  Soap Gift Sets

Natural Soap Gift Set includes a base and is wrapped in ribbon.

Gift sets are a lifesaver, and the ones from guudguuds are always made with love and appreciation. You can go for this soap gift set that comes in traditional packaging. The soap bar contains all-natural ingredients, and your teacher will surely love using it. The jute ribbon packaging and the wooden base of the soap bar make the gift pretty unique. It’s pre-packed, so you don’t have to worry about wrapping it.

#8  Carry Bag

The Nook Plus Bag is perfect for teachers to carry around all of the small loose papers they have.

From stationery to small notepads and stickers, there are a million little things that teachers need to carry in their bags when going to school. This Nook plus bag from guudguuds would be the perfect way for a teacher to carry little stationery to school. These bags are handmade and come in some lovely colors like turquoise. This is definitely something that teachers would use on a daily basis, so it’s the perfect back-to-school teacher gift idea.

#9  Handmade Bracelet

These handmade bracelets have inspiring words on the which will encourage your teacher all year long.

These handmade bracelets from guudguuds are tailored to send a beautiful message across and a hopeful reminder. The bracelets come with beautiful words such as “peace” and “hope.” When a teacher wears this bracelet, it will encourage them to proudly do their job and know that they make a big difference in the world. If you want your gift to be a meaningful one, then these bracelets are certainly the perfect choice.

#10  Antique Boxes

This antique elephant box is perfect for school or home.

This traditional antique wooden box in the shape of an elephant is another perfect gift idea for a teacher. These boxes come with some beautiful touches so your teacher can use them for different things. They can use it as a centerpiece or to store coins or jewelry. These are made using gorgeous materials sourced from India and, on the whole, make a beautiful gift. If you want to give your teacher a unique storage gift, you’ve got to get your hands on this antique elephant box from guudguuds.

The Takeaway

Now that you have some of the best teacher gift ideas right here, it’s time to get your hand on these and create a memorable and eccentric gift experience for your teacher. These gifts from guudguuds help navigate the perfect gift to choose for a specific occasion or person. The best part is that proceeds from all these items will go to a good cause. This makes for a meaningful present and extraordinary gift-giving experience.


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