Imperfectly Beautiful Story # 1: Meet Olivia and hear about her experience as a new mom during COVID.

Meet Olivia, a guudguuds community member and new mom.

Olivia is a guudguuds community member, and new mom! She shared with the guudguuds team about her experience as a mother during COVID. See below.

“When our daughter was born we knew life would be different but what we didn’t know is that in just 4 short weeks the world around us would also be changing. We imagined the first few weeks/months of her life would be filled with family visits and taking her to new places but unfortunately this all changed rapidly.

We had to go into full isolation from everyone around us which was hard on both us and our families. Her father was off work due to the pandemic and only left the house once a week to get groceries. We began a routine of waking up and having breakfast which was followed by a nap and then a walk down to the water. This was her’s and I’s only opportunity to get out of the house so we took full advantage of it. The rest of the day we just hung around the house keeping busy.

As my husband heads back to work, I look forward to starting a more structured routine and hopefully get out to meet other mothers with young children. The silver lining in it all was having my husband home to help with the adjustment of parenthood and spending quality time as a family.”

Thanks, Olivia for sharing your story! Stay tuned for more Imperfectly Beautiful stories from guudguuds community members.

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