Getting caught up in the grind of the bustling 9-5 and general life concerns, we can forget what it’s like to spend a day simply appreciating our existence and all the wonderful little things in life.

The holidays are a great time to wind down from the unexpected craziness we’ve all been through this year.

So let’s take a look at ways to slow down and appreciate life during the “most wonderful time of the year,” cue Michael Buble!


A great way to embrace the holiday spirit while distressing is rediscovering an old passion.

Maybe that’s knitting, taking up calligraphy, or even cooking. These are all great activities for winding down, while also useful to make homemade gifts.

Appreciate the process of creating and rediscover how your passions can create new opportunities to connect with those around you.

Maybe even add to the tree by using your craft skills with fun and simple ornaments!


Warm up near the fireplace with hot chocolate (extra marshmallows, please!).

Take it easy and enjoy the slow, satisfying process of making hot chocolate.

Add in dark chocolate, white chocolate, and maybe even mint chocolate for new flavor combinations!

Try plant milk, cream, mini marshmallows, extra marshmallows, sprinkles, cinnamon, and even nutmeg for other flavorful experimentations.

The process of making and gently sipping on winter’s favorite (and most needed) drink allows you to be more mindful.

If you’re more of a taster than a maker, there’s also those popular hot chocolate bombs going around!

3. “IT’S BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT LIKE CHRISTMAS” (of course, another Michael Buble reference!)

Go outside and smell the fresh pine trees and take pictures of what is beautiful to you.

Love, appreciation, and gratitude are more fun to think about when you’re watching Elf for the hundredth time, especially after freezing outside under the mistletoe.

Embrace the way the air chills the only two inches of exposed skin.

Though we see nature and our surroundings around us all the time, it’s hard to just stop and truly appreciate the scenery and how energizing that can be.


Pick up an old or new winter scented candle and truly appreciate the scent.

(My favorite is winter candy apple or classic Christmas cookie!)

Think about why you love this scent and why it’s so comforting. Then, take out a paper or two and start journaling.

It can be as simple as writing down all of the reasons why you’re grateful for your chosen candle’s existence or as deep as reflecting on lessons learned in the past year.

5. DANCIN’ & PRANCIN’ IN THE FROSTY AIR (Our last reference, we promise!)

Nothing screams slowing down and de-stressing like dancing!

The physical movement of dancing releases endorphins, but the mind body connection from swaying your hips to the music is just as important to appreciate (even if you miss the beat!).

Dance by yourself, dance in front of the mirror, dance with your partner, or even dance with your Christmas tree!

Just remember to slow down and feel the way your body moves to your favorite holiday songs.

These are just a few ways to slow down and appreciate life, but there are many more out there. Try these out and maybe you’ll find even more inspiration to create your own ways to relax, revitalizing your mind, body, and soul.

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