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Kind Lips

Raspberry Lemonade Natural Lip Balm


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  • Cruelty Free

    Cruelty Free

  • Direct Impact

    Direct Impact

  • Made in USA

    Made in USA

  • Natural Ingredients

    Natural Ingredients

  • Non-GMO


Vendor Impact

Kind Lips donates 20% of every product purchased to anti-bullying organizations who are devoted to promoting kindness and creating a world without bullying.

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Your daily lip balm routine will get a boost with Kind Lips’s delicious Rasperry Lemonade balm! Revive your lips with 100% certified organic ingredients while helping prevent bullying.

Kind Lips donates 20% of every product purchased to anti-bullying organizations

  • Acts as a daily reminder to speak “day-making” words and to say something kind
  • Gluten free and cruelty-free formula

Ingredients: coconut oil*, beeswax*, olive oil*, shea butter*, jojoba oil*, natural flavor, Vitamin E, lemon peel oil*. *organic
Made in: USA

Kind Lips

A funny thing happened when we set out to create the lip balm of all lip balms. As we formulated, reformulated, perfected and re-perfected, we realized something: our lips, the ones that need to be cared for every day, are the very things that help us care for those around us, including friends and family and even perfect strangers. So, our hope for Kind Lips isn’t just to become your gotta-have, nourishing lip balm, but that whenever you pick up a tube, you’ll remember to lay it on thick: the good stuff for your lips and the day-making words for everyone around you!

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