Thanksgiving may be full of family traditions and timeless food recipes, but that does not mean that it is forbidden to try out something new! There are lots of interesting recipes you can try this Thanksgiving season to surprise your family with a unique dish.

One ingredient often used in holiday recipes is cranberries. Cranberry is a versatile ingredient that can bring vibrant color and tang to your Thanksgiving dinner. You may be hosting a big dinner this year with all your family and relatives, and we all know the pressure can be on to have the perfect meal. With these unique and highly-rated cranberry recipes, you are sure to impress. So, without further ado, let’s get right to it!

Cranberry Salsa

Cranberry Salsa

Spice things up and try a cranberry salsa recipe this Thanksgiving! Cranberry salsa is a festive replacement for the normal chips and salsa snack. This is possibly the easiest condiment you can make as all you need is 15 minutes, and you are good to go!

Start with a batch of fresh cranberries,  making sure they are fresh so that your salsa is not mushy. You can add different things to the salsa, including onions, apples, red pepper, and cilantro. The best addition to salsa is lime juice, as that gives it the tangy kick you need.

Some people also prefer jalapenos to add a little bit of heat to their salsa. You may also add black pepper to add more heat. Making this salsa is super easy, as all you need to do is prep all the ingredients and then throw them into the food processor. You can decide on the texture as per your liking. If you want it to be chunky, do not blend it too much.

Tip: Keep the mixture in the fridge for a little while so that the flavors combine and you get an enhanced taste!

White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies

Cranberry cookies

Cookies and the holidays, there is nothing more exciting than that! A good cookie can fill your heart and stomach with warm goodness. This holiday, ditch the old recipe and try cranberry cookies with white chocolate. 

To make these cookies, you need to use dried cranberries. Mix all the wet and dry ingredients separately and combine them. Once the mixture is ready, you can stir in the dried cranberries and white chocolate chips. Many people also like to include macadamia nuts as they can help bring a bit of crunch to your cookies. Once you make these cookies, you can keep them fresh for as long as two weeks! (If they even last that long..)

Tip: When laying out the cookie batter, you must be careful of the spacing. It is adequate to have 2 inches in between each cookie to prevent the cookies from sticking together when they are in the oven.

Gluten-Free Pear Cranberry Crisp

Cranberry pear crisp

Do you have family members that have gluten allergies and are left to limited options on Thanksgiving? Make them feel included and give them a dessert they can get excited about with a gluten-free pear cranberry crisp! 

This crisp recipe is super easy and you can easily make it without putting in much effort. For the filling, you would typically need 4 pears and a cup of fresh cranberries, and for this recipe, you can even go for frozen cranberries. The topping calls for gluten-free oats, half a cup of almond flour, and chopped walnuts.

 Tip: A good trick to improve the taste of the crisp is to brown the butter. It may only take a few minutes but that will surely improve the taste of your crisp. Furthermore, if you are looking to further improve the taste of your crisp you can be a little fancy and have it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

Indian-Style Cranberry Chutney

Cranberry chutney

With the right amount of sweet, savory, and tangy flavor, this chutney can bring a burst of color and flavor to a cheese or charcuterie board. The best part about this Indian-style chutney is that it takes only 30 minutes to make!

To make the chutney, you need cranberries, onions, ginger, and spices. Typically, you can add garam masala, cayenne pepper, kosher salt, and turmeric. You can also add a special blend of ground cumin and coriander powder. This is not a compulsory ingredient but can bring even more flavor. Cook all your ingredients in a pressure cooker for 4 minutes. Then, you can stir and blend the mixture to give it the consistency of chutney.

Tip: There are several ways you can serve the chutney. You can either spread it on bread and make sandwiches or serve it with cheese and crackers. It pairs best with brie and sharp cheddar.

Cranberry Jalapeno Cream Cheese Dip

Cranberry Jalapeno Cream Cheese dip

A unique cream cheese dip is just what your Thanksgiving celebration might be lacking. If you have fresh ingredients on your hand, you can whip up this dip easily. You will need cilantro, lime juice, jalapenos, and green onion.

This dip won’t take long to prep. Just put all the topping ingredients in a food processer and chop them into fine pieces. Refrigerate the topping for 4 hours before adding it to cream cheese. Then let the tart and creamy taste take you out of this world!

Tip: To serve this dip, you can pair it up with pretzels or crisps. The best part about this recipe is that you can make and store it for a long while. Consider preparing it in bulk and enjoy it for the entire week!

Get cookin’ and Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

Thanksgiving is a holiday to be thankful and eat amazing food with family and friends. Give one of these cranberry recipes a go, and be sure to comment when you do!  You can alter these recipes as per your preference, but most importantly we hope you’ll be able to enjoy them with the people you love most.

 Happy Thanksgiving to you, from the gg team! 


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