Father’s Day is quickly approaching. If you’re like most people, thinking about the perfect Father’s Day gift probably causes stress that you can live without, especially when you are looking for conscious fathers day gift ideas. You might take weeks to decide, particularly if dad has everything already. A clue in picking just the right Father’s Day gift comes from the day we celebrate dad.

Father’s Day always falls on the third Sunday in June, just as summer plans emerge. The perfect Father’s Day gift idea might celebrate summer days with dad, those playful childhood days when dad taught you all you know.

Need more help finding the perfect Father’s Day gift for the Dad that is passionate about giving back and supporting causes that are near and dear to his heart? Let us help find some inspiration. Consider what your dad means to you. Chances are he’s always been the one person that you can turn to for advice and the one person always in your corner.

That said, there are several different types of dads. It turns out, if you know your dad type, you’re close to finding that perfect Father’s Day gift. We put together a conscious Father’s Day gift guide that helps you find the perfect gift.

The Sports Dad

There’s a good chance your dad took you to a sporting event as a child. Or maybe dad was your soccer coach? The sports dad falls into two categories: The first is the sports participant. The second is the sports dad that watches Monday Night Football.

 Whether your dad watches sports or plays a pickup baseball game with the kids, he would look good in a hat from Krochet Kids. Krochet kid’s hat is a unique product made by individual craftspeople. These products employ the poor in some of the poorest places on earth.

The Military Dad

If you’re like many with dads in the military, a gift idea for a military dad could be a tricky consideration. However, a military dad is a true hero. Father’s Day is the perfect time to tell dad how much you admire his service to his country.

The point is, be creative and have fun with your dad, who sometimes acts seriously. For example, our Pen and Pillar collection gives ten percent of proceeds to refugees settling in new places.

The Outdoorsy Dad

Some of us know this dad type well. From that summer road trip and vacation to Yellowstone to a theme park dream vacation your family still talks about, Father’s Day is a time for carefree summertime fun. Or maybe some of your fondest memories come from camping by the lake? Your dad will appreciate remembering those special times. The outdoorsy dad will appreciate anything for a nice outdoor dinner. For example, the Smoke + Grill Spice Set by Curio Spice is the perfect add-on for your next barbeque. Curio Spice sources fair-trade, organic ingredients and works directly with spice farmers.

The Teacher Dad

This dad type runs the gamut from the actual teaching profession to a dad that perpetually teaches everyone about life. If your dad is a school teacher or professor, consider a Father’s Day gift that he puts on his office desk. The gift doesn’t need to be expensive. Just a gift that reminds him of something that makes him smile.

Indeed, if your dad is a perpetual teacher, have a little fun with his Father’s Day gift. A Pen and Pillar art print livens up any office. Choosing a gift that celebrates your dad’s caring and helpful heart is sure to make him feel appreciated. And giving a Pen and Pillar art print means helping refugees settle in new homes.


The Workaholic Dad

An unfortunate side-effect of our “always-on” society is the workaholic frame of mind. Many of us have workaholic dads whom you wish would have been home more growing up. Keep in mind, Father’s Day is a time of dad celebration.

Consider giving dad a gift that he takes with him everywhere he goes. For instance, we feature a collection of Conscious Step socks made from organic cotton. Wearing these socks, he always has a piece of home when he’s working. And dad will feel good knowing each sock gives back to a cause.

The Handyman Dad

The handyman dad is similar to the teacher dad. However, instead of teaching everyone, this dad is the first to volunteer when something needs fixing. From minor home repairs to changing the oil in your car, your handyman dad taught you self-sufficiency.

Choosing the perfect gift for the handyman dad can be a challenge. What better way to celebrate Father’s Day than with a fresh cup of Hugo Coffee Roasters coffee?

The Playful Dad

The playful dad always has a joke on his tongue and smiles for his kids. With a playful dad, you grew up having fun just about anywhere you went with him. Some of your fondest memories come from the fun the two of you had just going to the store.

Father’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate how much you’ve loved his sense of humor, one which always brings a smile to your face. These days your playful dad loves playing with the family dog. Consider a pet toy from P.L.A.Y., makers of responsible toys for pets and pet parents.

The Hipster Dad

You know the type. The hipster dad keeps up with the latest men’s fashion trends and always knows what celebrity is making news. As a hipster, your dad likes doing meaningful things that help people and the environment.

With Made by Bees, we proudly feature products made with beeswax that are sustainable and create a bee haven. When you give your father a Made by Bees product, he knows you put some thought into his Father’s Day gift.

The Foodie Dad

Last but not least is the foodie dad. If your dad is at the center of your most cherished food-related memories, he is likely a foodie dad. This type of dad taught you how to grill a steak and how to make a killer ham sandwich. Your foodie dad probably introduced you to your favorite restaurant.

Consider giving your foodie father a gift box of Curio Spice. This vendor uses only fair trade organic ingredients sourced from small community-based farms.

In Closing

At guudguuds, we carefully curate products that make statements with consciousness. Any number of items in our collections make exceptional Father’s Day gifts. With a bit of imagination and knowing what type of dad you have, finding the perfect Father’s Day gift is a click away.

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