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Upcycled Reusable Cotton Snack Bag – Pink


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  • Supporting Marginalized Communities

    Supporting Marginalized Communities

  • Sustainable Business

    Sustainable Business

Vendor Impact

We donate 1% of all bag sales to the Sustainable Nourishment Program at Mamas for Mamas, a Canadian Charity, started in our hometown, Kelowna, BC to ensure that all families have access to healthy and nourishing foods on a regular basis.

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Everyone knows reusable bags are better for the world around them so why not be the first in your mom friend group to bring your kids snacks in one of these Upcycled Reusable Cotton Snack Bags. Cute to look at and washable, what more could any parent want?

The Market Bags donates 1% of all sales to the Mamas for Mamas Sustainable Nourishment Program. This organization ensures that everyone has access to fresh and nourishing produce.

  • Zero waste, therefore eco-friendly
  • Drawstring closure to keep your food safe
    Machine washable and dryer friendly (though we suggest laying out to dry – it’s better for the environment)

Size: 12″ x 10″
Color: Pink color/pattern
Made in: Canada

All items are handmade, therefore there may be slight variations in fabric pattern than shown in the picture.

The Market Bags

The Market Bags was established with a single vision in mind; eliminating single-use plastic bags. Our Canadian-made reusable bags represent a small step towards a better tomorrow with a positive impact on our environment. We want to ensure future generations have a healthy and beautiful planet to experience, and because of this we've made it our mission to replace those pesky tear-off-the-roll plastic bags in grocery stores with reusable bags. We strive to inspire change in the daily life of those around the world.

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