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Sparrow Handmade Writing Notebook


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All of Pen + Pillar's products are printed in the USA on environmentally friendly paper, and 10% of profits are donated to local refugee resettlement.

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Let your ideas bloom like a flower with this Sparrow Handmade Writing Notebook. The front cover of this journal features pink flowers and white sparrow birds that give off that fresh start and new beginning feeling.

Pen+Pillar gives 10% of all proceeds to help local refugees get settled into their new lives, as well as partner with local refugee artisans.

  • Gold foil accent on a textured cover
  • 120 pages of FSC certified natural text lined paper
  • Gold spiral binding

Size: 7″ x 9″
Made in: USA


We've been told that business isn't personal, and we couldn't disagree more. Our products would not be in your hands without the hard work of real people and it doesn't get more personal than that. Because of this, we commit to: 1. Complete transparency in our supply chain. We do not work with companies that we cannot personally visit to vet for ethical treatment of their employees, and we commit to work with other small businesses to produce our goods wherever possible. 2. This Earth is our home to care for and love, and our products should be kind to it. We only use FSC Certified© or Cotton paper, and always will. 3. Our full support of our refugee community. We are so fortunate to live in a city where 10% of our population is refugee. Which means we have over 10,000 refugees inside our city limits. We commit to championing them, telling their stories, employing them, and dignifying them through supporting their needs and dreams.

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Feedback from the herd

ardice farrow
I sent this lovely Notebook and the Floral Todo Notepad to a dear friend of mine who I have not seen in over a year. It was the perfect little gift to let her know I was thinking about her and sending her love. Pen & Pillar have a great commitment to helping refugees which I also love so I am always happy to buy their products for gifts for all occasions.

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