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Purple Stripe Garlic Powder


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We’re working towards ending inequality and exploitation in food systems that disenfranchise skilled farmers.

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  • Ethically Sourced

  • Natural Ingredients

  • Sustainable Business

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This will be your new favorite savory spice! Burlap & Barrels’ Purple Stripe Garlic Powder comes from an heirloom variety of Garlic with a purple stripe on its skin, grown by a group of farmers in the mountains of northern Vietnam.

The production of this spice reduces inequality and exploitation in food systems
Has a sweet and savory flavor, adding depth to any dish
Tasting notes include brown butter, toasted hazelnut, and asafoetida
Quoted as having a “knack for making flavors go supernova”

Ingredients: 100% garlic, ground (Allium sativum)
Originated in: Cao Bằng, Vietnam

Please note that Burlap & Barrel’s jars and containers are filled by weight rather than by volume, and that the garlic may have settled in the container after packing.



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Burlap & Barrel Burlap & Barrel

We work with smallholder farmers around the world to source unique, beautiful spices for professional chefs and home cooks. Our public benefit is to promote the reduction of inequality and exploitation in food systems by connecting farmers to high-value markets, helping them access a larger share of the product value chain, and establishing long-term, mutually-beneficial trade relationships. We're replacing broken systems with equitable sourcing, direct supply chains, and mutually-supportive relationships with our partner farmers. It's not only better for our partner farmers and our world; it also makes for much fresher, more flavorful spices. You can tell that our spices were grown with immense expertise and care as soon as you crack open the jar.

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