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Mavis’ Kitchen

Mavis’ Kitchen: A Southern Cooking Lifestyle


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10% of all sales of Mavis’ Kitchen will be given to the She Angels Foundation. She Angels gives grants to female founded nonprofit organizations that provide mentorship, funding, and resources to diverse women and girls.

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Mavis Powell developed A Southern Cooking Lifestyle as a young bride during World War II. But the seed of that lifestyle was planted growing up as a child in The Great Depression. Her mother always had large pots of stews bubbling on the stove to share with hungry travelers. Their home became a “marked house” as the Hobos (what they were called at that time) drew symbols to let fellow travelers know if houses along the way would provide food or a place to rest. This is when Mavis’ love of cooking and her passion to serve others took root and Mavis’ Kitchen was born.



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Mavis’ Kitchen Mavis’ Kitchen

Mavis’ Kitchen original mission took root during The Great Depression when a young Mavis watched her mother cook big pots of soups and stews, then serve heaping bowls to hungry, homeless travelers called Hobos. Living in today’s world during the Coronavirus pandemic, our mission of serving others remains the same. However, inspired by four generations of strong, giving women – Mavis’ mother Pearlie, daughter Holly, granddaughter Shannon, and of course Mavis herself – and serendipitously aligning with The She Angels Foundation, our mission morphed more specifically into: Women Helping Women.

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