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Every product you purchase provides one week of clean water to someone in need.

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Fuel your inspiration to receive love and give love with every sip from this handmade mug! Give this as a gift to a dear friend, or buy for your coffee mug collection. A perfect tool for sharing time, dreaming, and connecting with people you love.

This mug provides one week of clean water via MudLOVE’s partner, Water for Good

  • Handmade by artisans in the USA
  • Tagged message to keep you inspired and encouraged

Color: Marigold
Made in: USA


Our collective purpose is to disrupt patterns of brokenness with the thoughtful and creative pursuit of love. That means we work as a team, using the tools we have, to break continued cycles of hardship, poverty, and hurt. We believe in the ability of each person to use what they have to change the world. In our case, we have mud and creative hands.

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Feedback from the herd

Denise W.
I love these mugs. They are so well made. I love the colors and messages. I gave the first one as a gift and then couldn't resist adding them as my primary soup or drink containers. They are good for everything! (Reposted from

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