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Let’s Celebrate!: Special Days Around the World – Hardcover Book for Kids


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Our mission is to share stories, connect families and inspire children. We are committed to living out the kindness and compassion we celebrate in our books.

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An award winning book for kids that celebrates diversity with vibrant illustrations! An informative read, perfect for beginning readers ages 4-10.

Barefoot Books empowers children!

  • Created using sustainable production processes and materials
  • Learn about 13 special holidays from cultures around the world.
  • 40 brilliantly colored pages

Age recommendation: Ages 4-10 years
Dimensions: 10 x 9.75 inches

Barefoot Books

Since the beginning, we’ve wanted to create visually captivating books that celebrate diversity, spark curiosity and capture children’s imaginations. Our mission has endured over the decades and feels more relevant today than it has ever been. All across the world, our community of parents, educators, librarians, booksellers, storytellers and artists are making a difference in their own communities, in their own ways. From sustainably sourced paper to vegetable-based ink, the materials that make up our books are ones that you can feel good about having in your classroom or home.

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Feedback from the herd

Again, Barefoot Books weds colorful, warm, and engaging illustrations with rhythmic, rhyming words to produce an outstanding contribution to diverse children’s literature. The reader travels around the world to celebrate holidays from Japan, China, New Zealand, Peru, Brazil, Sweden, Iran, Nigeria, Russia, Egypt, Mexico, India, and the United States. The text is sparse, but the illustrations and the endnotes provide details to satisfy but not overwhelm curious minds. Pronunciations of the holidays are provided and a calendar showing how these holidays are dispersed throughout the year. Many of the holidays may be new to children – and adults. Among them are Matariki in New Zealand, Nowruz in Iran, and Inti Raymi in Peru. However, because the U.S. is so culturally diverse, some holidays may be familiar to us – Carnaval (like our Mardi Gras), Passover, Dia de Muertos, and Diwali. There are many layers to this timely book, making it a great resource to share with a broad range of age groups. It is a useful springboard for researching various cultures around the world and helping children realize that these cultures are all represented within our own U.S. citizenry. (Reposted from

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