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Fragrant Lavender Sachet – Teal


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We commit to donating 10% of our profits to organizations that contribute to our community including Kiva, RAICES, The SAFE Alliance, and Central Texas Food Bank.

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Give your linens a scent boost with calming, soothing lavender! Slip a Lavender Satchet into your drawers, hang in a closet, or stash in your car to add a rich and floral fragrance. For continued scent, simply give a gentle squeeze to reactivate the lavender buds.

Slow North commits to donating 10% of profits to organizations that contribute to their community including Kiva, RAICES, The SAFE Alliance, and Central Texas Food Bank.

  • Each sachet is made of upcycled fabric remnants to reduce waste
  • Long-lasting and natural lavender scent
  • Conveniently made with a loop for easy hanging

Color: Teal
Scents: Lavender
Made in: USA (Austin, Texas)
Care Instructions: Hang in a cool, dry place. Take care to not get your satchet wet.

Prints will vary (due to the fabric being upcycled!)

Slow North

At Slow North, we intentionally craft all-natural, botanical products made to complement whole living. A family business, Slow North emerged from the belief that all home goods, whether luxury or necessity, should be made with clean and safe ingredients. Our company’s core values and dedication to whole living serve as daily reminders to be present and enjoy the little moments we share. We feel grateful that our sons will grow up in a household where thinking “big” is encouraged and celebrated. We’re motivated to work together, intentionally and respectfully, so the heart of Slow North is reflected in all that we do – in our home and in our products

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