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Kindness Original Ceramic Bracelet


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    Supporting Marginalized Communities

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    Sustainable Business

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Every product you purchase provides one week of clean water to someone in need.

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You carry kindness! Encourage and motivate a friend, teen, family member, or any loved one with this ceramic bracelet that can act as a simple, daily reminder. It works for any size wrist, just adjust the slipknot as needed!

This bracelet provides one week of clean water via MudLOVE’s partner, Water for Good

  • Easily adjustable with a slipknot closure
  • Handmade by artisans in the USA and Dominican Republic
  • Tagged message to keep you inspired and encouraged

Color: Coral
Made in: USA & Dominican Republic


Our collective purpose is to disrupt patterns of brokenness with the thoughtful and creative pursuit of love. That means we work as a team, using the tools we have, to break continued cycles of hardship, poverty, and hurt. We believe in the ability of each person to use what they have to change the world. In our case, we have mud and creative hands.

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Lynn G.
I am so excited to have a nice,comfy bracelet that I can put on myself!!I may be ordering more!!! (Reposted from

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