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Starfish Project

Joelle Gold & Opal Pendant Necklace


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  • Fair Trade

    Fair Trade

  • Supporting Marginalized Communities

    Supporting Marginalized Communities

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We invest 100% of your purchases into our social mission to restore hope to exploited women and girls.

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How beautiful is this necklace? Not only does it look upscale, it also looks remarkable on! The sparkle and shine of the 14K plated gold chain and opal pendant give your outfit that extra something special.

Starfish Project invests 100% of your purchase into their social mission to restore hope to exploited women and girls.

  • Great gift for women!
  • Upscale look
  • Hypoallergenic, made lead and cadmium free with nickel content less than 100 ppm

Materials: 14k gold plated stainless steel and artificial opal necklace
Packaging: Small Box

Starfish Project
The standard of your jewelry should reflect the beauty and value of the woman who made it. That is why […]

We are a Social Enterprise with a Holistic Care Program that cares for women escaping human trafficking and exploitation in Asia. At Starfish Project women and girls experience freedom, establish independence and develop careers. We have employed and trained over 150 women and served thousands more through our community outreach.

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This necklace is so pretty! I love how it makes any outfit elegant but still adds a fun sparkle. (Reposted from

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