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Hugo Coffee Roaster Whole Bean Coffee Sampler


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Hugo Coffee Roasters saves dogs by roasting and selling fantastic, fair-trade, organic coffee. 10% of profit goes to dog rescue! Drink coffee, save dogs.

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Unleash your inner sniffer dog and find out what blend of Hugo Coffee is right for you. Our Roaster’s Sampler of Whole Bean coffee will take your pallet on a journey from light to dark.

Size: 12 oz

Bonafido Dark Roast: bold and round

Roll Over Breakfast Blend: smooth and sweet

New Trick Light Roast: bright and playful


Best By: July 2021



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Hugo Coffee Roasters Hugo Coffee Roasters

At Hugo Coffee Roasters, We Love Coffee and Dogs. And Not Necessarily in That Order. Hugo Coffee Roasters works with coffee cooperatives worldwide, including locations like Colombia, Costa Rica, Tanzania, Brazil, Peru, and Uganda, to bring you high-quality beans for a delicious brew – every single time. The best part? We donate 10% of every bag sold to animal rescue organizations.

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1 Review
Lynn Capuano
Received this today and wasted no time brewing a cup! Very smooth flavour on the Roll Over Breakfast Blend! Will be looking forward to trying the other two!

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