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Natural Beeswax Birthday Candles (Set of 12)


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    Sustainable Business

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Made By Bees generates sustainable solutions to everyday living and cultivates a bee-friendly haven. Taking steps together to save our bees, the planet, and your food.

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Have a guud birthday! These natural beeswax candles will make your birthday cake even more special. Beeswax has a gentle scent and burns longer, brighter, and cleaner than other waxes without chemical additives or processing.

Every purchase helps toward saving bees, the planet, and your food. Made By Bees aims to create sustainable solutions to everyday living and cultivates a bee-friendly haven.

  • Beeswax is a natural byproduct of beekeeping and collecting honey which supports ecosystems and food production.
  • The only natural candle wax that does not require dedicated land use.
  • Beeswax is a sustainable alternative that supports Canadian farmers and the environment.

Dimensions: 3 x ¼
Burn time: 15 minutes

Made By Bees

Priscilla started Made by Bees in 2016, making beeswax wrap for storing food to create functional and minimal-waste products that help reduce plastic pollution. What started as a hobby has grown into a business that keeps her, well, as busy as a bee. “When I open up a hive, I’m just so thankful to be part of something so magical. I have this little saying that each bee is small, but together, they do big things. It’s also like saving the planet and using less plastic: you think it doesn’t make a difference, but every little bit that we can do is for the greater good.”

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