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Angie Earrings Silver Bone


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Cedar and Cypress Designs partners with independent artisans in Haiti. Through your purchase and support, we are in turn able to support our artisan partners in Haiti.

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  • Fair Trade

  • Handmade

  • Supporting Marginalized Communities

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The Angie Earrings are an easy sell and make great gifts. The bone is hand cut in Haiti and set in the the bezel. You can’t go wrong with these earrings.



Info coming soon.

Cedar & Cypress Cedar & Cypress

In the old testament we read in 1 Kings that when the temple was constructed Solomon used Cedar and Cypress wood. That is where our name comes from. We want to be the foundation and the support for others like Cedar and Cypress was for the temple. Whether that is companies or artisans in Haiti, individual people, missionaries or families. Our goal is to support others though job creation. Being a support is the core of who we are.

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Local and International community empowerment is closer (and easier) than you think!  

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