A full-time university student. A part-time model. Building two businesses in two years.

These aspirations combined may seem like too much for one person, but for Mar Tut, it is just the beginning of her goals.

Mar always knew she was not one to follow someone else’s rules. Back in 2018, while working in the retail and fast-food industries, it only made her desire to be an entrepreneur grow within her spirit.

“Being my own boss, building something of value from the ground up, well that is my dream.”

Mar first built her own lash business during her second year at McMaster University. Her goal was being able to provide affordable prices for people just like her – students who are just trying to find their way and to look good while they do it.

And the students loved it. Mar’s Lash Bar was always booked with positive reviews and many long-term clients. But then a year later, the pandemic hit.

The booming business she once had, now became a danger to her health.

During Covid-19, Mar has remained a full-time business student all year round, with no breaks in-between.

“I always had this sort of entrepreneurial spirit within and didn’t really want to sit still these past few months, so I thought it would be a good idea to start something new, something I was able to run from home.”

That was the start of The Satin Diaries, a new business that offers protective hair accessories that are both fashionable and functional. Her current products include hand-made satin bonnets and beautiful scrunchies, made to protect your curls whilst still looking fashionable in the process.

“My hair is an important aspect of my life and keeping it protected is key.

Sleeping with a bonnet has been something I’ve done almost all my life but there were certain issues whether it was slipping off at night or it wasn’t stylish to begin with.

So I thought it would be a great idea to create something that was protective but stylish for every day.”

Mar knew the uncertainty of the pandemic, but if anything, it was a reminder for her:

“Don’t delay your passions. There will never be a perfect time for your dreams, so just go for it. It’s a learning process but I’m glad I’m going through it and figuring what works and what doesn’t.”

Once The Satin Diaries becomes more established, Mar wants to continue her lash business as well, but with a lot of safety precautions included to protect everyone involved.

“My current goal is to grow my following base on Instagram and TikTok and create content that will brighten people’s day and provide advice for their hair. With so many people being online right now, it’s a great opportunity! You can follow me @thesatindiaries on both Instagram and Tiktok.”

Thank you for sharing your story Mar, and let us know if you would like to hear an update on Mar’s life!

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