How to Take Care of Indoor Plants

There are over 1000 different varieties of indoor plants that you can choose from to make the ambiance beautiful. These indoor plants boost your home’s looks and give it a greener look and feel. However, these plants may also die out if you do not take care of them properly. 

Like all living things, these plants have needs, and fulfilling them is important if you wish to see them grow. We have lined out some tips on how to take care of indoor plants. We are sure they will help you improve the growth and health of your plants in a short amount of time.

Tips to Take Care of Indoor Plants

Below are some fun and easy tips that you can follow to help you take care of your indoor plants.

Know the Type of Plant You Have

The first step to understanding how to take care of indoor plants is to know what plant you have. There are various species of plants, and most of them have different needs. Some plants require direct sunlight; some don’t. There are other types of plants that may have different requirements. You can take care of your plant properly if you know what plant type they are and what the most suitable conditions are for their growth.

Water Your Plants Regularly

Watering plants is essential, but you have to be careful to avoid overwatering. You should focus on keeping the soil moist because both dry or overwatered soil slow down the growth rate of the plants or may cause them to die.  You should also keep your eyes open for mold formation as it could indicate overwatering.

Choose an Area with Proper Sunlight

The placement of your indoor plant has a huge impact on its growth and health. For example, if you have a jade plant or a rubber plant, the sunlight they get matters. Plants need sunlight to prepare their food through photosynthesis. The quality, quantity, and time might affect the plant’s growth. You can also choose a fluorescent light as an alternative to sunlight for some plants. A typical plant requires 12-16 hours of sunlight a day to grow healthy. However, the foliage requires 4-12 hours of sunlight exposure to grow efficiently.

Avoid Movement

Most people are unaware of this, but plants tend to adapt to their conditions and surroundings. Therefore, it is best to place your plant somewhere you may not need to move them. Making major changes in the plant environment, such as sunlight and temperature, can directly impact its growth. Start by making a few changes and then increasing the time in the new place. Your plants will gradually adapt to the new atmosphere without taking an impact on their health.

Increase the Room Humidity

Dry air is dangerous for some plants. You need to be aware of this, especially if you have a tropical plant. You should get a humidifier where you place your indoor plants and set them to a cool mist setting. Try placing the humidifier closer to your plants so the plant can get moisture from it. The evaporating water produces moisture in the air and will help your plants grow better.

Fill with Fertilizer

Most indoor plants have no problem growing in 10-10-10 fertilizers. Choosing the right fertilizer also matters a lot in this case. An easy way to do this is to use the N-P-K method. N-P-K represents Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium, respectively. If you have a flowering plant, try going for a fertilizer that is rich in potassium. A plant that has foliage requires more nitrogen. Plants with low maintenance, like cacti, require a special potting mix. The mix helps drain water from the pot carefully to maintain a balanced soil.

Dealing With Indoor Plants on Vacation

If you plan a vacation soon and worry about your indoor plants, you aren’t wrong. No one wants to see their plants dry out and die because they are unavailable. However, there are some ways you can deal with it. For example, if you have a succulent plant, you should leave it alone when you go on vacation. These plants are great at surviving and can live up to two weeks on their own. Ensure watering them just before you leave, and they will be fine when you come back. For plants that will require watering when gone, try asking a friend or a neighbor to stop by and water them on occasion.

Indoor Planters and Accessories

Now that you know the tips and tricks, let’s look at some great indoor planters and accessory options that you should have. The best thing? These products are eco-friendly, and every purchase makes an impact.

Terracotta Mango Planter with StandMatr Boomie's Terracotta Mango Planter with Stand

Getting a planter that is visually appealing and fits comfortably into your home is great. In this case, Terracotta Mango Planter with stand is a great option. These planters have hand-carved details and a white rub finish. It comes with a stand made with ethically sourced mango wood. The pot you will find is natural clay from Rajasthan, India.

You can hold the planter and the stand with a screw to safely connect the two. What’s more, Matr Boomie reinvests 15% of its annual profits in artisan communities. You can also play your part and feel good about buying this planter.

Unbound Woven PlanterFreeleaf's Unbound Woven Planter

The unbound woven planter from Freeleaf is a great option to add to your home. These hand-knotted planters are ideal for small-sized plants and can help add beauty and elegance to your interior.  The unique woven pattern on the planter will truly make a beautiful statement. Most importantly, these pieces are a creation of women overcoming abuse and exploitation.

Dignity Plant HangerFreeleaf's Hand-knotted Dignity Plant Hanger – Mustard Multi

This hand-knotted plant hanger is a representation of dignity and strength and is ideal for indoor and outdoor places. It has a hand-knitted cotton rope and is versatile to the maximum. The hanger comes in mustard color and has a unique fringe tassel. It is the perfect fit for any plant lover looking for something unique.

Henna Treasure Watering CanMatr Boomie's Henna Treasure Mini Watering Can

A watering can is a cute accessory for those who love indoor plants. Henna Treasure Watering Can from Matr Boomie is not only perfect for watering your plants, but you can also use it as a decorative item since it looks beautiful anywhere in the house. The watering can consists of upcycled iron and hand-painted designs, which make it a great pick for anyone who admires art and skills. You can also add a stand near your indoor plants and place the watering can on it.

Bottle Service Glass Spray BottleFull Circle Home's 16 oz Refillable Glass Spray Bottle

This spray bottle from Full Circle is a sustainable and functionally innovative option that is eco-friendly and made with natural ingredients. These glass bottles are the perfect solution to single-use plastic cleaning sprays. It comes with a wide neck and a 16 oz volume that allow users to fill it quickly. Additionally, the glass bottles are dishwasher safe.


Taking care of indoor plants isn’t as difficult as people think. We agree that you might need to put in a little extra effort. However, it is not a bad price to pay for an aesthetically pleasing indoor environment. Just make sure to play your part in making the world a better place to live for everyone and make an impact by purchasing ethically sourced, eco-friendly products from guudguuds.




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