In today’s overly digital world, it can become harder and harder to make room for in-person interactions. 

According to research, social media is the leading cause of loneliness, restricting us from cultivating meaningful relationships. Here we discuss the importance of creating strong bonds with your family and how you can do that this winter holiday season:

Top 10 Ways to Spend Time with Your Little Ones during Holiday Season

The holiday seasons can be hectic with all the chores, such as shopping, cooking, and hosting parties. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to skip spending quality time as a family. Holiday seasons are the best times to bond as a family and enjoy activities that you aren’t able to do during other times of the year! 

With the holiday season coming up, we have gathered some fascinating and fun-filled activities that parents can enjoy with their little ones. 

  • Holiday Singin’ while Household Cleaning  🧹

You can start up by cleaning the house for the holidays, and have your kiddos help you! To make it fun,  jazz up the house with some holiday tunes and break out some dance moves as you go. 

  • Get Crafty ✂️

Pull up your favorite search engine and you are sure to find hundreds of ideas for getting creative with your kids. There are so many fantastic ideas online for holiday crafts, coloring pages, and DIY projects.  From coloring to making different things, this activity not only keeps your child creatively busy,  but also can bring out the artist in you. So, indulge yourself in some creative arts and crafts with your child to make this holiday season a memorable one. 

  • Have a Movie Theater Night at Home 🍿

Children love watching cartoons and animated movies. Who would not want their parents to sit along while watching their favorite movie? Plan a movie night for your children with popcorn and drinks to give them the cinema ambiance. You may also decorate the place with a similar theme of the movie to see the excitement on their cute faces. 

Another great idea to make the night more exciting would be dressing up as the favorite character of the movie. Make this holiday an unforgettable experience for your kid!

  • Pick a Day Trip and Picnic 🎡

Visit a museum to explore the historical side of your city, or go to a park where you can explore numerous activities with your children. You may also plan a trip to an amusement park where you can enjoy rides with your children. Pack their favorite meals to make the day even more memorable.

  • Wrap Gifts Together 🎁

Gift-wrapping may take a lot of time, but you can make it more fun by including the whole family! Invite children into the activity by allowing them to contribute to the wrapping. Give them plain paper and ask them to color something that can be used as the outside wrapping, or have them make a homemade card for a sweet touch on any gift. You can do the basics while leaving the rest of the creativity to your children!

  • Read Holiday Stories 📕

Storytime is another excellent way of spending time with children. During the holidays, pick out some holiday-themed books to make the time of year even more exciting to your little ones! 

  • Organize a Game Night 🎲

Parents can always arrange a game night with kids to enjoy the holidays to the fullest. You can solve jigsaw puzzles, play Pictionary, or any other game your child wants. Bring out some delicious snacks and let the game night begin! 

  • Bake and Decorate Cookies 🍪

Invite your child to join you as you bake treats for the holidays! It’s never too early to teach your kids the basics of baking, and your kiddos are sure to be happy to taste test along the way! Making baking a family activity allows kids to be a part of something that the guests will surely appreciate.

  • Bundle up and Play in the Snow ❄️

Head outside during winters to enjoy snow fights and make some crazy snowmen. Even though this is surely a norm for your kids, when you join in, your kids will surely have much more fun! 


The Facts on Quality Time 

The fast pace of our hectic life can make it challenging to remember that spending quality time with our children is essential. Here we discuss several benefits of being there with your little ones:

Improves Mental Health 

Spending real-time with your children helps reduce the risks of depression, anxiety, OCD, and other mental issues. Being physically present with loved ones instead of digital interactions creates solid emotional support. 


Lowers Risks of Behavioral Problems

Spending time with your kids ensures that they are less likely to have behavioral issues, including substance abuse. When kids receive positive feedback and attention for positive behaviors, it boosts their desire to work on healthy patterns. 


Boosts Self-Esteem

Children who participate in family activities build a positive sense of self-worth. Parents can teach their little one’s problem-solving and communication skills.

Encourages Communication

Spending time with your children fosters a safe environment that encourages open communication. Good communication is essential to make your little one feel comfortable and happy. Simply asking your children how they’re feeling or how their day went can make a significant difference. 

The Bottom Line 

Holidays create such beautiful opportunities to spend time with your family. Whether you’ve gone all in for the holidays or you’re only able to do a little celebrating, any moments you have with your kids are creating memories for the years to come. We wish you a happy holiday season and encourage you to cherish every moment with the people you love this year. 


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