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Are you looking for earrings to set off a fabulous little black dress for a special night out? Or a bright summer bracelet to give to your favorite friend for her birthday? Are you searching for the perfect piece of bling to celebrate the important people in your life or on the hunt to find something special for yourself? 

No matter who you are shopping for or the style of jewelry you are shopping for, this gift guide has it all! Get ready to go on a virtual shopping adventure that introduces you to some amazing eco-friendly and purpose-driven guud jewelry. 

You will love browsing through the guudguuds collection, and you will love knowing that our ethical jewelry brand companies are purpose-driven and fair trade. It’s absolutely the best because the entire time you are buying, you support guud causes and empower small businesses that are all about making a difference. 

It is summer. The season for trips to the beach, hiking through the woods, and barbecues under the stars. It’s the season for summer birthdays, special get-togethers, and weddings. 

These are the special life events that turn into joyful memories that last forever. How fun to mark the day and commemorate the memory with a specially designed ethical piece of jewelry. 

Your gift will become someone’s treasure that will last a lifetime, as will the incredible impact your purchase will have on the lives of artisans. 

At guudguuds, we consider all of our shoppers and fans to be do-guuders — ordinary folks making heroic intentional choices in everything they do. And choosing conscious gift-giving is just one way we can give back to others and do guud. 

This sustainable jewelry gift guide takes the guesswork out of finding the perfect gift that inspires and supports a meaningful cause. Find a cause that you are most passionate about! Your generosity will empower the lives of others and bring positive change. Shopping has never been so fun, rewarding, and life-changing! Look no further and shop now. Bracelets, earrings, necklaces, or rings – all these dazzling pieces are at your fingertips waiting to be purchased for a significant person – waiting to be purchased for a meaningful cause. 

Wear hope; give hope! Handmade, eco-friendly jewelry tells a story! 

The Starfish Project: “She is beautiful, she is supported, she is LOVED.” 

Gold, dangle earrings and a necklace with birds. Ethical, handmade jewelry by Starfish Project.

Most women love jewelry, but what if the jewelry they wear comes from a company that invests a portion of all profits into the social mission to restore hope to exploited women and girls? What if that company funds job training affording women the ability to live safe and independent lives? You have to agree, that makes the jewelry even more special. 

The Sparrow Necklace is a favorite.  The popular adjustable, stainless steel piece encircles sparrows. Sparrows symbolize freedom, and every purchase contributes to women and children experiencing a breathtaking sense of freedom after escaping exploitation and human trafficking. Faith Silver Bar Necklace from Starfish Project. Ethical, handmade jewelry.

Another do-guuders’ favorite is the Faith Silver Bar Necklace. This dainty necklace is made from hypoallergenic stainless steel and includes a bar engraved with FAITH and HOPE- daily reminders of what this purchase provides others.

 Know someone who loves the beach? Then check out the Community Gold Starfish Pendant Necklace Set. Hypoallergenic, made of 14k gold over sterling silver, this necklace is perfect for the beach STAR in your life. 

Make someone gleam when you gift the Mallory Gold Sun Pendant Necklace. Sterling silver and coated in 14k gold, the Sun pendant symbolizes a woman’s rise to freedom and her chance to experience independence and self-sufficiency. The perfect gift for a conscious consumer! 

Mallory Gold Sun Pendant Necklace on woman. Necklace is handmade by artisans.

Looking and feeling guud is as easy as wearing a pair of uniquely designed earrings. Give a pair of earrings that will put the final touch on your special someone’s spectacular outfit. Laurel Gold Hoops are hypoallergenic, 14k gold plated 

White Gold and Pearl Hoop Earrings. Jewelry that gives back. Handmade and unique.

over stainless steel. These earrings make a perfect gift and can be worn with anything – from your business work outfit to your sassy out to dinner dress or your everyday levis and t-shirt.

Needing something a little fancier? Consider the Maddie White Gold and Pearl Hoop Earrings. Tiny shell pearls encircle these earrings and will no doubt have a special place in someone’s jewelry box. 

Browse through other items that are as beautiful and captivating as the women the Starfish Project supports. 


Helping Handmade Jewelry! 


Cedar & Cypress – Support for Others Through Job Creation

Handmade sustainable jewelry. Brown, wood hoop earrings, and a white ring. Jewelry made by Cedar & Cypress.

Jewelry made from sustainable materials is just a click away. Browse through unique, handmade jewelry fashioWooden Hoop earrings worn by a woman. Ethical, sustainable earrings that give back.ned from sustainable materials and always sustainable practices. Guud-makers Cedar & Cypress partner with Haitian artisans who create one-of-a-kind pieces from natural materials. Additional special designs incorporate handmade pieces crafted by artisans in India. And yes, Cedar & Cypress are doing guud in the world supporting and providing job training for those in need. 

Feeling like you want to add a little island flavor to your style? Take a look at the handcrafted Mini Makaya Earrings. Named after the second tallest mountain in Haiti and handcrafted from cut mahogany, these earrings are sure to be an impressive gift.

Summer earrings can be fun. Do you know someone who would love and treasure a pair of dangling earrings? Look no further! A guud-choice is the Angie Earrings Silver Bone that offers a fancier look. Hand-carved bone is set in a silver bezel.  These earrings will make an unforgettable gift. 

Want something a little simpler? We got it! A pair of stud earrings with just enough detail to dazzle, the Boudron Earrings are another ideal gift. The inlay is made from ethically sourced horn and set in a woven, handmade brass bezel. The dark horn shows off the intricacy of the shiny, brass bezel. A must-see, a must-have! 

Rose gold earrings with white stone in middle. Earrings that empower.

Know someone who ADORES rings? The Boudron Ring is also made from ethically sourced horn and set in a handmade brass bezel from India. This new and amazing piece of artwork is one more great gift choice, and your purchase will support the artisans who made it. 

How’s that for guud gifting ideas?! 

We are so thrilled to feature these two fabulous design teams producing fantastic jewelry on purpose. Join in the fun. By actively doing guud together, our guud-makers and do-guuders (that’s you!) are out to change the world! 

  • A gift for you? Jewelry has always been the finishing touch for a fabulous look on any special occasion. As important as that feeling of confidence is when you look guud in your outfit, all guud purchases give your heart a feeling of joy knowing you contribute to causes that care. 
  • A gift for a friend or colleague? The perfect item will express congratulations, I love you, or Happy Birthday to someone you love, so take some time and browse through the jewelry on our site now! Save this conscious gift guide to refer back to it later. 

You may fall in love with this idea of supporting causes, and perhaps you would like to support another new cause. As you shop for a unique piece of jewelry, discover all the options to do guud. Be proactive! Become involved! As a do-guuder, you join a network of others who commit to investing in meaningful causes: one gift equals one act of kindness. 

A little bit of care goes a long way from one side of the Earth to the other. Whether you are helping exploited women and children in Asia or providing job training for individuals in Haiti, you ARE making a difference one piece of jewelry at a time. 

Enjoy making your loved ones happy, enjoy being a part of a community that is changing the world! Enjoy browsing guud jewelry. Learn more about Starfish Project and Cedar & Cypress.

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