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As citizens of the planet, we have the chance to make a difference and positively impact the world. Pollution and climate change are two areas where choosing to shop ethically can create far-reaching benefits for both society and personal health. As socially responsible citizens, we can choose to promote smaller and sustainable businesses so they can continue to help the environment.

To help you become more environmentally conscious and see how easy the process actually is, we have put together a list of 20 eco-friendly products for everyday shopping.

Hands Producing Hope – Orlando Bracelet

Hands Producing Hope's Handmade Orlando Bracelet. Ethical Shopping.

The Hands Producing Hope – Orlando Bracelet is a handmade bracelet created by expert artisans with a plant called pita. Each bracelet is made by taking out the fibers from the plant, then drying, dying, and hand-weaving them to perfection. Created with natural materials with unique designs, this bracelet also makes the perfect gift.

Curio Spice – Magic Salt Spice Jar

Curio Spice's Magic Salt Spice Jar. Ethical Shopping.

This Magic Salt Spice Jar by Curio Spice is the ideal addition to your eggs, chicken, or fries. The seasoning contains all sustainably sourced ingredients that are also high-quality and delicious and complement all your meals. With each purchase, you can rest assured that you are directly improving the lives of farmers who grow these sustainable components.

Burlap & Barrel – Ground Black Lime Seasoning

Burlap & Barrel's Ground Black Lime Seasoning. Ethical Shopping.

The Burlap & Barrel – Ground Black Lime Seasoning is a great replacement for lime juice and can be used in any dish. This tart and savory seasoning is widely found in Persian cooking and is grown on a family farm in Guatemala. The ingredients include 100% sun-dried Persian lime, garden herbs, and bright citrus. All ingredients are natural, sustainable, and ethically sourced.

Krochet Kids – Woven Wall Hanging in Honeysuckle

Krochet Kid's Honeysuckle Woven Wall Tapestry. Ethical Shopping.

Are you looking for the ideal decoration piece to hang on your empty wall spaces? If yes, then Woven Wall Hanging in Honeysuckle by Krochet Kids is the perfect item for sprucing up your interior décor. The tapestry is handmade and contains 100% acrylic made by talented artists. With each purchase made, you will be helping people in Uganda and Peru fight poverty and gain employment.

Prodigal Pottery – Artisan Soup Mug – Green Sapphire

Prodigal Pottery's Artisan Soup Mug – Green Sapphire. Ethical Shopping.

Prodigal Pottery’s Artisan Soup Mug is handmade by women who are fleeing domestic violence, sex trafficking, and homelessness outside of Birmingham, Alabama. The company supports marginalized communities by employing, equipping, and empowering them. The soup mug comes in a stunning sapphire color with beautiful hand paintings. The product is also dishwasher and microwave safe with a 5-inch diameter and 2.5-inch depth.

Sitti Soap – Saffron Olive Oil Soap Bar

Sitti Soap's Saffron Olive Oil Soap Bar. Ethical Shopping.

This Saffron Olive Oil Soap Bar by Sitti Soap stands for displaced communities and refugees by providing them with employment opportunities. All ingredients are 100% natural, vegan, and without any artificial fragrances.

Pen+Pillar – Meadow Handmade Notebook

Pen+Pillar's Meadow Handmade Notebook. Ethical Shopping.

The Pen+Pillar – Meadow Handmade Notebook is manufactured in the USA using 100% natural and environmentally friendly paper. The front cover features golden foil details with a gold spiral. 10% of the profits are given to a local refugee resettlement.

Starfish Project – Laurel Gold Hoops

Starfish Project's Laurel Gold Hoops. Ethical shopping.

These beautiful Laurel Gold Hoops by Starfish Project make an ideal gift for women and can be worn on many occasions. All the sale proceeds are invested into the company’s social mission to restore hope for exploited girls and women. The jewelry is hypoallergenic, cadmium, and nickel-free.

Plant-Based Beauty – Avocado Algae Face Mask

Plant Based Beauty's Avocado & Algae Nourishing Face Mask. Ethical Shopping.

The Plant-Based Beauty – Avocado Algae Face Mask contains cruelty-free, natural, and organic ingredients. The mask is filled with fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins to provide healing properties, hydration, and a brighter complexion.

Bambu – Kitchen Cutting & Serving Board – Medium

Bambu's Kitchen Cutting & Serving Boards – Medium. Ethical Shopping.

This Kitchen Cutting & Serving Board in size Medium is the perfect eco-friendly addition to your kitchen. Not only is it stylish, but also lightweight and durable. USDA certified, this cutting board is organic, ethically sourced, and helps the planet.

Imani Collective – Sunshine Banner

Imani Collective's Sunshine Natural Canvas Banner. Ethical Shopping.

The Imani Collective – Sunshine Banner helps create holistic empowerment and opportunity for marginalized communities. It is sewn then screen printed on a natural canvas by Kenyan artists. Each purchase made provides them with employment.

Crazy Crayons – Recycled Recycle Sticks Crayon Set

Crazy Crayons' Recycled Recycle Sticks Crayon Set – Box of 10. Ethical Shopping.

Crazy Crayons’ Recycled Recycle Sticks Crayon Set contains 100% upcycled crayons with the word “RECYCLE” written across them. It’s perfect for children to profess their creativity and they come in a plastic-free kit. All crayon sticks are handmade with recyclable material and fun colors.

MudLOVE – Kindness Original Bracelet

Mudlove's Kindness Original Ceramic Bracelet. Ethical Shopping.

MudLOVE brings you an ethical Kindness Original Bracelet that acts as a daily reminder for your loved ones. It is handmade by local American and Dominican Republic artisans combined with sustainable practices.

Village Thrive – Rattan Clutch Blonde

Village Thrive's Rattan Handcrafted Clutch – Blonde. Ethical Shopping.

Village Thrive’s Rattan Clutch Blonde features ethically sourced products and is made in an eco-friendly fashion. With each purchase, you will be helping local artisans sustain their families while also benefitting the environment.

Denik – Drawing Mountains Hardcover Sketchbook

Denik's Drawing Mountains Hardcover Sketchbook. Ethical Shopping.

This Drawing Mountains Hardcover Sketchbook by Denik features a vegan leather cover and 88 blank pages. It is ideal for expressing your talent while helping fund education projects for the needy. With each purchase, you will be contributing towards the betterment of such marginalized communities.

MatrBoomie – Rudra Storm Keepsake Box

Matr Boomie's Rudra Storm Wooden Keepsake Box. Ethical Shopping.

The MatrBoomie – Rudra Storm Keepsake Box is a handcrafted storage box with a contemporary octagon design for safekeeping. The product is made with ethically sourced mango wood by professional artisans to create a timeless inlay design. The company donates 15% of the yearly profits to artisan communities through developmental projects.

Net Effects Traders – Go Lightly Bag – Granite

Net Effects Traders' Go Lightly Multi-Purpose Bag – Granite. Ethical Shopping.

Go Lightly Bag by Net Effects Traders is a fashion-forward eco-friendly bag for all your carrying needs. Made from recycled industrial netting, the bag is zero waste. It is unisex as well as stain and water-resistant. It is made using fair trade practices and provides jobs and training for disenfranchised Cambodians.

Free leaf – Infinity Wall Hanger Hanger

Freeleaf's Infinity Wall Hanging – Medium. Ethical Shopping.

Freeleaf’s Infinity Wall Hanger Hanger is made from beautiful rope woven into a trinity knot. This makes it a beautiful and eco-friendly décor piece. Each Freeleaf piece is carefully crafted by strong women overcoming exploitation and abuse.

The Paws – Red Stripes Bandana

The Paws' Red Stripes Pet Bandana – Large. Ethical Shopping.

This Red Stripes Bandana by The Paws is designed to raise funds for dogs in need. Part of the sale proceeds goes towards the support and rehabilitation of dogs who are abandoned and require shelter. It is made for large-sized cats or dogs and features a unique design. The Paws donates a fraction of each sale made to support dogs in need while giving your own pets a unique fashion item.

Cedar & Cypress – Boudron Stud Earrings Bone

Cedar & Cypress' Boudron Stud Earrings – Bone. Ethical Shopping.

Cedar & Cypress partner with local artisans in Haiti to create Boudron Stud Earrings. This jewelry piece is stunning with its handmade brass bezels all the way from India with ethically sourced bone from Haiti. When you purchase this piece, you will be automatically supporting the company’s artisan partners in Haiti. Plus, these Bourdon Stud Earrings make a great gift for your loved ones. So make sure you introduce them to the world of ethical shopping with this stunning product.

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