Let’s face it, Moms make the world go around. With Mother’s Day rapidly approaching, you may have found yourself stuck on what you can gift to your Mom this year that will reflect how wonderful, unique, and inspiring she truly is. After all, our Moms have played a pivotal role in shaping the way that we navigate the often strange and confusing world around us from a very young age. 

Even as we find ourselves entering adulthood or having children of our own, we continually pull from the values and integrity that our mothers implanted within us to make the most conscious choices for ourselves, those around us, and the world at large. So, what better way to honor your mother on this Mother’s Day than with a gift that represents the very values she worked so hard to instill in you? This conscious gift guide offers a sampling of unique, handcrafted goodies that support some of the causes that remain near and dear to our hearts.

Prosperity Candles

These beautifully scented, handcrafted candles represent a unique story with every pour and would make the perfect gift. Founded by a trio of women who were committed to creating a brighter future for themselves and others, Prosperity Candles provides refugee women an opportunity to learn a trade and provide for their family with the art of pouring candles.

Made from all-natural ingredients including soy and coconut wax, these candles are as safe as they are beautiful. The wood wix provides a soothing, crackling sound for ultimate relaxation and the refillable jars can be repurposed for a lifetime of enjoyment. What a unique gift!

Our Favourite

The Burmese candle collection features elegant essential oils in a chic, black, and gold design that either Mom or Grandma will be thrilled to have on display.

Prodigal Pottery

Made to empower, these handcrafted bowls and mugs are helping women in crisis get back on their feet with every purchase. Prodigal Pottery works directly with women who have escaped horrific circumstances including domestic abuse and human trafficking to provide them with a safe environment and the chance to learn a new skill that they can use as they rebuild their lives. By providing these women with steady employment and a therapeutic creative outlet, they can begin a beautiful new chapter of life.

These beautiful and unique designs are made from stoneware clay and are safe to be used in the microwave or dishwasher. Each and every piece represents beauty, resilience, and a whole lot of love. What a perfect Mother’s day gift idea!

Our Favourite

The Blossom Bowl features a stunning flower-like shape and delicate lace detailing that perfectly symbolizes grace and strength.

Pen + Pillar

There is no more thoughtful Mother’s day gift than a good, old-fashioned handwritten note. Pen and Pillar are giving new life to old-school favorites with beautifully designed notebooks, cards, and wall art. Their commitment to strengthening their community means that their products are manufactured by carefully vetted companies who provide fair wages, ethical working conditions, and reduce harm to the environment.

All of their paper goods are made from certified 100% cotton paper and feature designs crafted by local and regional artists. Show her how much you cherish your memories with a gorgeous card or notebook that she’ll love.

Our Favourite

The Meadow Handmade Notebook offers a picturesque landscape view and beautiful gold spirals that she can use for all of her writing needs.

Starfish Project

Jewelry might be a girl’s best friend, but these handmade pieces do much more than that. Starfish Project is committed to helping women who have escaped from human trafficking by giving them employment opportunities and providing them with shelter as they begin to create their new lives. These stunning jewelry designs are beyond beautiful to look at, they represent the empowerment and strength of women who have overcome unthinkable obstacles to build a better life. 

Every single piece is handmade from high-quality materials and designed to turn heads. She’ll be beaming with pride in any of these gorgeous statement pieces that reflect the beauty of the women who made them. 

Our Favourite

The Alexis Gold Heart Necklace is a beautiful representation of two hearts coming together as one and features a stunning juxtaposition between gold and marble, making it a necklace like no other. 

Whether your Mom is a passionate warrior who empowers those around her, an eco-friendly goddess who strives to nurture our planet, a caring companion who documents every little memory, or a mixture of all of the above, our impact marketplace is stocked full of goodies that reflect just how inspiring your Mom really is. Shop our full selection of Mother’s Day conscious gift ideas to find the perfect Mother’s Day present and make an impact that your Mom will love.

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