In a current world where it seems difficult to plan, difficult to establish normalcy, and difficult to just get through the day, hope and positivity often gets pushed aside. Uncertainty and doubt can leave you feeling unmotivated and stuck in negative thought, so it can be helpful to remember to find courage and appreciation for what remains beautiful in life.

By ,,definition, courage is a mental state to encourage facing difficulties without fear. It can be daunting to take on larger challenges, especially in the midst of a global pandemic. It is helpful to remember that finding the courage to face any type of difficulty is still valid, so that pressure and stress don’t prevent you to #feelgood. Finding courage can look like trying to cook more homemade meals instead of ordering takeout for the 3rd day in a row or walking your dog for 20 minutes a day. At the same time, maybe finding courage may mean signing up to run a half marathon! It all depends on individual goals, values, and interests.

“By ,,definition, courage is a mental state to encourage facing difficulties without fear.”

From spending months cooped inside, sunshine and fresh air are essential to feeling ,,rejuvenated again. So, gear up and step outside to experience a few COVID-19 proof ways to find the courage to #feelgood!

Gather with friends (six feet apart, of course!) and enjoy some yummy grub while social distancin’ & picnicin’! Ubereats, carry out, or even packing some simple sandwiches are great shareables for a relaxing get together. It’s the perfect opportunity to catch up on how the Pandemic life has been treating you all and lift each other up if one of you is struggling to find their own sense of courage.

You might feel like you’re drained of spending time alone, but sometimes that is an indicator to just make time to do something for you. Treat yourself to the beauty of nature and ride around your neighborhood or city. Gently relax with the fresh breeze or get in a sweat session by pumping those legs! Maybe you’ll discover new spots or flowers that you’ve never seen before!

Being cooped up inside, spending hours on social media, or being bombarded with videos on the Internet can sometimes leave you feeling a bit less confident. Grab your photo pal and drive out or walk to a location that makes you feel beautiful as yourself. Strike some poses, while you both hype each other up as a reminder that you’re still allowed to celebrate yourself (from all angles!) in times like these.

We all miss hugging, but high-fives can be pretty cool too. especially followed by a fun hike! Choose any trail with your hiking buddies, from challenging and rocky, uphill courses to calming hikes near the crashing waves of water by a local lake. Physical activity is a great bonding experience, mood booster, always making sure you feel good about yourself every time.

Pick up those old books that you never got around finishing or maybe never started, lay out a small blanket, pack some snacks, and get to reading! You can let your hair loose, lay down, find a shady spot, use natural sounds as background music to the story; you have full autonomy to create your own experience! Take a technology break even if you’re just sitting on your backyard porch; de-stressing and disconnecting are important to feeling reinvigorated right now. Lose yourself in a new world while you still appreciate the one you’re in.

“De-stressing and disconnecting are important to feeling reinvigorated right now.”

During COVID-19, it can be common to feel guilty about deliberately taking steps to feel good. However, it takes courage to take those steps to increase your positivity, inspiring those around you to feel good too. Engaging in hobbies, catching up with friends, and just doing things that make you happy instill a sense of regularity in your life. These little, yet impactful steps allow you to feel courageous to just keep on moving forward.

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