Happy Holiday Season! The guudguuds team has curated a list of stocking stuffers that have a story and are sure to bring a smile to the face of your friends and families. Here is a list of all the stuffer ideas you can go for when stuffing your stockings. Bonus: each product also has a give-back!

Dreams matter notebook

Dreams Matter Blank Handmade Notebook

Goods That Matter | $7.00

Are you a dreamer? This Dreams Matter notebook is a handmade notebook with 32 pages to record your wildest fantasies. With a 5 x 7 dimension, you can record all your heart’s musings with ample space left to spare. It’s made in the USA, using recycled paper to reduce the impact on the environment. Goods That Matter donates 10% of its proceedings to ‘I have a Dream Foundation’ to support the cause of education for college students who cannot afford it.

Lavender SachetFragrant Lavender Sachet – Teal

Slow North | $10.00

The subtle scent of Lavender can soothe you after a  tiring day. The Fragrant Lavender Sachet can give your linens a pleasant smell so you can unwind after a hectic day. You can keep these sachets wherever you want to enjoy the floral fragrance. This sachet also makes for a perfect Holiday gift! Slow North gives proceeds from this product to different organizations, including the Central Texas Food Bank. The SAFE Alliance, Kiva, and the RAICES.

Glass Reusable StrawsGlass Turtle Reusable Straw Pack

Green Turtle Co. | $11.00

Is your friend a coffee enthusiast who also cares deeply for the environment? The Glass Turtle Reusable Straw Pack is the perfect stocking stuffer for them! These straws are made of glass which means that you can use them repeatedly! The pack includes a boba straw and a regular one for all sorts of drinks. The Green Turtle organization donates a percentage of the funds collected to conserve Sea Turtles!


Gardenia Froth Bomb Jasmine Gardenia Classic Froth Bath Bomb

Pacha Soap Co. |$5.99

Who does not enjoy a long bath after a tiring day? The Jasmine Gardenia bath bomb is a fun stuffer idea as it is made with natural ingredients and gives you the relaxation you yearn for. Pacha Soap supports a large variety of causes, including clean water initiatives. They also support the spread of hygiene education to ensure hygiene.


peace braceletPeace Original Ceramic Bracelet

MudLOVE | $12.00

Peace is a luxury all of us desire. You can gift your friends a Peace Original Ceramic Bracelet to encourage them to pursue peace. This bracelet is an adjustable slipknot closure that can fit anyone. These bracelets are handmade and give a rustic look. MudLOVE is the team behind these bracelets, and a single bracelet provides a week’s clean water to the less fortunate.


Earthworm Crayon SetRecycled Earthworms Crayon Set – Box of 9

Crazy Crayons | $8.50

The Recycled Earthworms Crayon set can be a great source of entertainment for your young ones. You can find nine crayons in the set shaped like earthworms. Interestingly, these are handmade, using recycled materials. Crazy Crayons recycle crayons while also giving them new and attractive shapes!



Star Crayon SetRecycled Eco Stars Crayon Set – Box of 16

Crazy Crayons | $9.50

Stars for your star? Sounds like a match made in heaven. The Recycled Eco-Star Crayon Set is a box of 16 star-shaped crayons. These crayons are handmade and can stuff your stockings just the way you want! These crayons are also from Crazy Crayons and make up the best gift for your kiddo.



A Day at the Park StorybookMeiya & Alvin – Adventure Story Book

Tikiri Toys | $6.99

A storybook can be the window to your child’s imagination. The Meiya & Alvin Storybook is a unique adventure storybook about a day at the park. The book is made up of recycled cardstock that helps the environment and enriches your child’s childhood. It is best suited for children aged three months and older. Plastic is one of the biggest contributors to waste, and Tikiri Toys is an organization that wants to come up with sustainable toys that contribute to the environment positively.

busy bee notepadBusy Bee Writing Notepad

Pen and Pillar | $8.00

Have a person in your life who always has a to-do list going? The Busy Bee Writing Notepad can help your favorite busy bee and stay on top of all their tasks. The Busy Bee notebook has 55 sheets and has a chipboard back for sturdiness. The notepad is created by Pen + Pillar who gives 10% of earnings from each product to local refugee resettlement.


Octopus bath toyOctopus – Natural Rubber Teether, Rattle & Bath Sound Toy

Tikiri Toys | $14.99

Bathing might not be your child’s favorite activity, but the Octopus toy can make it fun! The Octopus natural rubber toy doubles for a teether, a rattle, and a friend! It is made with natural rubbers and fabrics for your child’s comfort! It is non-toxic, BPA, Phthalate, and PVC-free. This product is also from Tikiri Toys, who take it upon themselves to develop environmentally friendly toys.


Organic cotton Water SocksOrganic Cotton Socks that Give Water 

Conscious Step | $14.95

Socks as stocking stuffers? A great idea! This holiday, surprise someone with the perfect Organic Cotton socks he can be comfortable in. These socks are made of Fair-trade Organic Cotton, recycled polyester, and elastane. The socks from Conscious Step are a major support to Water.org and enable them to provide clean water and sanitation services to people in misfortunate areas.


Organic Cotton Penguin socksOrganic Cotton Socks That Protect Penguins 

Conscious Step | $14.95

Yet another pair of socks can be a part of your stocking stuffers. The quirky Organic cotton socks are for the Adams and the Eves. These socks are available in various sizes and are made of the purest materials. Every pair sold contributes to Oceana and helps safeguard the penguins and other marine animals.


sweet mint lip balmSweet Mint Natural Lip Balm

Kind Lips | $4.00

If you are looking for stocking stuffers for someone obsessed with skincare, you can opt for the Sweet Mint Natural Lip Balm from Kind Lips. It is made of natural ingredients to give you the most moisturized lips! Kind Lips is a great advocate for anti-bullying organizations and contributes 20% of its earnings to curb bullying.


Still growing stickerStill Growing Vinyl Sticker

Vinyl Stickers are all the rage! The Still Growing Vinyl Sticker can be an interesting stocking stuffer that is cool and versatile. The dimensions are 2.5 x 3 and the perfect size to place wherever you want! Inklings Paperie features the product and they use sourced papers and connect with the orphanages in Haiti to home and shelter orphan children!




Happy holiday shopping!🎁

The products mentioned above from  guudguuds are surely great stocking stuffer ideas, but they are much more than that. They each have a powerful impact on our planet and many communities around the world. 



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