Imperfectly Beautiful Story #3: An International Student’s Journey: Esther, a beautiful, kind-hearted person, is a senior college student who goes to school in Michigan, and is from South Korea. Esther is just one of many international college students who has found coming back to America for school hard because of COVID. We asked Esther if she would share a bit about her journey.

“American friends and community have kept me strong. “

“COVID-19 has made it harder for international students like me to study in the States. The hardest thing for us is to get a visa (especially for freshmen because immigration doesn’t issue a new visa for them at the moment) and we are very uncertain about what would happen if we ever get COVID. Since our healthcare doesn’t cover us enough to get treatment at a hospital, we just hope for the best that we don’t get COVID.

Also, since the unemployment rate is currently very high in the States, we don’t know if we, especially foreigners, could get a job after we graduate. However, I know some American friends opened up their house for us when we had to move out of campus early this past Spring. They also helped us get groceries for those who don’t have a car. ”

One thing that has helped Esther a lot during this time has been community. She values her friends and the close-knit community she has at her college. Even though this time has been hard, Esther said that her’ “American friends and community has kept her strong.”

Esther believes in the goodness of community.

Thank you, Esther for sharing your story with us.

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