Imperfectly Beautiful Story # 2: A Newlywed’s Impromptu Wedding: Maria is a guudguuds community member, and she recently got married to her best friend. We asked if she would share her experience with getting married during the tricky times of COVID-19.

“It was small, nothing like we imagined, but it was still the very best day of my life.”

“My wedding story looks a little different than most, but probably very similar to most other couples who were planning on getting married in 2020. Jon and I got engaged in October 2019 and were planning for a June 2020 wedding.

As February and March rolled in, the world was shutting down around us and we were left with so many questions and no answers. My family was quarantining in Canada. Friends flights were being cancelled. Do we keep planning and putting more money into an event that will most likely get cancelled? Do we wait and see what happens?

We decided to go ahead and get married early – March 27, 2020 to be exact. My side of the family was stuck in Canada, but Jon’s side was able to be there. The rest of our bridal party and family watched via live stream. It was small, nothing like we imagined, but it was still the very best day of my life. My best friend became my husband.

As June has come and gone I have had moments of grieving the wedding and reception I dreamed of. I am still missing my family that I have not seen since before we got married.

However, I have nothing but certainty and joy about the decision we made. Being married through COVID has been one of the biggest blessings. Jon was able to work from

home for a few weeks, we have been there to love and support each other through all of the ups and downs, and we got 3 extra months of enjoying all of the blessings of marriage. Throughout all of the wedding planning, we were very intentional about planning more for our marriage then for the wedding day. A wedding comes and goes in a matter of hours, but a marriage lasts a life time.”

Thanks, Maria for sharing your story!

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