We know if you are a purpose-driven vendor or producer, you love your work, and you are committed to making a positive impact.  You work long days, often nights, and too many weekends in an effort to bring your vision to the world.  Why? Because you believe in the positive impact you can make. 

First off, Kudos to you.   At guudguuds, we know that it takes vision and lots of dedicated work to create, launch and grow a small business.  

As a creator of ethically and sustainably sourced goods, you’ve put your heart into making high-quality products that reflect the change we’d all love to see in the world.  You have done the legwork to find resourceful ways to give back to the causes you care about most. The only challenge is you’re struggling to get your products into the hands of your customers.

That’s where guudguuds comes in.  gg created an impact marketplace designed to connect ethical vendors like you to conscious customers searching for great products that do good.

At gg, we are more than another eCommerce website. We’re on a mission to create real, lasting change by building a community of like-minded do-guuders through online shopping, brand promotion, inspiring storytelling, and gamification.  gg is a rich environment where entrepreneurs, intentional shoppers, and thoughtful community members can come together to have fun, share and empower each other.

So, if you are an inspired entrepreneur, we wanted to share 10 really good reasons to sell your ethical and sustainable products on guudguuds.


1. Reach Your Target Audience

Phone screen showing that we can find your target audience for the ethical products you are selling.

One of the hardest parts of any business endeavor is getting the word about your goods out to the right people. The gg platform is geared towards attracting individuals who are already interested in making a difference.  These are conscious consumers who are looking for products like yours. They are shoppers who already have their list of favorite sustainable brands, and they are looking for more.  Since gg only includes the best of the best, our shoppers and community members know they can trust the gg curated and recommended brands.   

2. We’ll Bring The Clicks

Woman drinking coffee shopping on her phone to buy ethical products.

SM, SEO, and FB ads are marketing strategies that can add up.  You might not have the resources to market your products and promote your business the way you would like to, but our team of savvy strategists brings new customers to our site every day; we are attracting a critical mass of consumers eager to browse and buy.  As a guudguuds vendor, you bring the ethical products and inspiring stories, and we’ll bring the clicks and customers. 

3. Tell Your Story

Women embracing man to show that every small business has a story to tell.

Why you care, what you care about, why you started a business is your unique story and your most valuable asset. At gg, we share your story and what makes your products and business so impactful in your words – not ours. We believe that good storytelling is the secret ingredient to success, so we make sure our vendors are equipped with tools and resources to help them get their message heard.

4.  Interact With Your Customers

Woman at table connecting with her customers through a Live video.

gg is a big team, a neighborhood of everyday folks taking small steps to make a difference. We want our community and shoppers to get to know you.  We make it easy for you to interact with your customers.  With glowing reviews and every like, follow and comment on our platform, you build strong connections with individuals who share your vision, love your product and support your journey. 

5.  Get In The Spotlight

Woman at a desk, smiling while connecting with her customers on her laptop.

We want to shine the spotlight on you. That’s why we feature a monthly vendor spotlight to help you spread your message with our patrons. As a spotlighted vendor, you’ll receive recognition on our social media and the opportunity to share your story with even more of our members. 

6. Join An Uplifting Community

Small businesses working together to make an impact and connect with their customers.

There is more than just shopping.  Our platform isn’t just about selling ethical products and promoting sustainability; it’s about creating a sense of community for our vendors and members alike. You’ll be joining an uplifting, inspiring community of like-minded thinkers who are creating new, innovative ways to do guud in the world. 

7. Tired Of Just Sitting On the Shelf

A woman walking in a supermarket. All items in the supermarket just blend in to each other, none of them stand out.

We know that many small entrepreneurs get their products picked up by one of the larger online marketplaces.  That’s exciting until you realize after a few months, there is no promotion and no marketing around your products.  Yikes, your favorite designs are just sitting on the shelf collecting virtual dust. Trust us, at guudguuds, you’re never in it alone. Our wildly creative guudguuds team is dedicated to helping you get known and attract business. We offer a wide spectrum of support services, including a Vendor Concierge, strategy consultation calls, and more. When you succeed, we all succeed. 

8. Gain Valuable Training

A small business owner helping other businesses owners through a video call.

Vendors are more than just a brand selling a product, they’re trailblazers for the future of ethical shopping. As a vendor, you’ll have access to monthly leadership training and valuable resources to help you along your journey of doing guud. 

9. See Your Impact In Action

A group of small business owners working together and celebrating together the impact they are making through their ethical products.

With every single purchase on our marketplace, you can easily track your impact as a vendor and as a consumer. Receive high-fives from your customers, gain new followers on our platforms and join in on the impact by supporting your fellow do-guuders. Our platform is designed to make creating an impact easy and fun with reward points, badges, and the chance to level up with your friends. We challenge every customer and vendor alike to track their impacts!

10.  We Put In The Leg Work For You

Helping small ethical businesses with their businesses.

We want to make sure you got the big idea – when you sell your ethically and sustainably sourced products on guudguuds; you get so much more than just another online listing. Our team members put in the work to make sure that your products are getting seen and noticed by our target audience. You can think of us as your personal marketing department. We strategically market your goods through our social media accounts, online ads, and newsletters directed to our growing subscriber base. 

Still not sure if guudguuds is for you?

We get it. Trusting your ethical and sustainable products with a new marketplace can be a big decision. That’s why we’ve created a multiple-tier process for vendors. Start with your toe in the water, become a wholesale vendor on gg and see how you like it.

If you’re ready to spread your message, join an uplifting community and get your products into the hands of even more conscious consumers, then our team is ready to help you get started today. Start exploring the gg journey. Apply now and connect with our team. 

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